Wednesday 21 February 2024

Cutting it fine....Part 3


I had my third dressmaking and tailoring session today.  I took my huge nappy and waited patiently while the tutor got everyone else underway with their sewing projects. 

I explained about my first toile, and her eyebrows lifted.  I showed her my revised toile and her eyebrows shot off the top of her head and are probably in orbit.  

Scene:  Tutor's lovely seafront flat with a commanding view of huge waves breaking onto the beach.

Me:*tentatively* So this is my second toile. I had to make another as the first didn't fit all...... *trailing off*

Tutor:*incredulously* And THIS one does?!?!

Me:*quietly* yes

Tutor:*appraisingly* Hmmm.... you ARE quite an odd shape, aren't you?

Tittering from the other students.

Me:*stolidly* Obviously.  Sort of Weeble-shaped.

More tittering from the other students. 

Tutor : *disbelievingly, holding up the big nappy for everyone to see* And THIS fits?

Me:*downcast but rallying"  Yes. Yes it does.

Tutor: *warmly* Well done!  To make a new toile absolutely from scratch.... that's brilliant! Well done.


Other students:

Me:*cautiously*  Sooooo.. it's alright then? I can carry on....?

Tutor:*reassuringly* Yes.  Just carry on with preparing the pattern, pin the toile to the.......

At this point I was so relieved I stopped listening.  I'd been dreading it being all wrong and having to start again.   I felt quietly pleased with myself.  Despite being an odd shape I had triumphed. 

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Daydreamer said...

To Heck with the Shape... you did it!! Success is success! :)