Saturday, 5 January 2008

New Year resolutions.........

Well here we are in 2008 at the start of a new year and the last 12 months have just flown by.

This time last year I was excitedly contemplating the contents of a large cardboard box filled with various bits of wood and MDF, brass hardware, glues etc...........

Now I can reveal the results of 12 months work (on and off) and although the shop still has lots of bits of finishing off to do, it does at least look like a shop rather than a pile of unrelated bits.


I still have to 'distress the roof' - add bits of moss underneath the slipped slates, and paint water trails etc to make the roof look old.

The interior of the ground and first floor rooms are completely finished. Yes, that is a large bear you can see on the ground floor. More of him anon.

Now at last I can begin the most enjoyable task of all, putting the contents of all these boxes of tiny toys onto the various display shelves in the shop and the bay windows.

Yes there are rather a lot of them........more than I had imagined. I just hope I don't need to build an extension already!


Well......... I resolve to finish all the little jobs on the shop BEFORE I even think about starting on the basement.

I'm off now to spend a relaxing hour filling some display shelves and will post the results when I'm done.