Saturday, 28 December 2019

Forward planning......


In between eating unconscionable quantities of cheese and Christmas cake, washed down with lashings of Yuleade and gin, I've been doing some gentle planning for the next few months.

I've bought myself a new little notebook for ideas and the like, and am quietly looking forward to getting back to work and putting some of my plans/ideas into practice.

Small Dog opined that I should get one of these....

.... but I brushed off her sarcastic slander.

To be fair, I couldn't get back to work even if I wanted to, as the workroom is currently piled high with all the detritus of the festive season, as well as acting as a de facto laundry room because all of our spare bedrooms have been in constant use for the duration.  I'm itching to get in there and re-establish it as a proper workspace again, which will give me the opportunity to have a bit of a re-organise.  *ahem*

For my new venture I've decided that I really need a new little table to replace the utilitarian and unlovely folding camping table which has been acting as additional workspace since I upcycled my lovely bureau cabinet last summer.  I've been looking out for a second hand table for a while, but nothing suitable has come up.

However I'm really rather taken with this....

There are lots of reasons to love it, apart from the fact it's cheap.  The two drop down sides mean that I can have THREE different sizes of work surface and when it's not in use it has a small, dainty footprint.  It has pretty turned legs and a handy foot rest.  It even has a very useful little drawer (although I'll replace that basic black knob with something much nicer).

It will look much more in keeping with the style of the room and I will then have a dedicated workspace looking out through the front windows.  

I love it when a plan comes together......

Friday, 27 December 2019


And so.... like the lingering Ghost of Christmas Past, here we are again the limbo known as Twixmas.  I usually have a mini project squirreled away for this period, but not this year.

Although, strictly speaking, I still have my unfinished Twixmas project from last year, which I could unearth from the bowels of the workroom, if there was even a waffer-thin iota of space on which to work.

So no.

Traditionally it's also the time during which I plan work-related projects for the first half of the coming year, although I'm uncharacteristically ahead of the posse on that one, as I've been planning stuff for ages.

It's also the dawn of a new decade, which sounds as though it should feel sort of encouraging, although if the last few years are anything to go by, we're all still plummeting towards hell in a handcart.

However, impending apocalypse aside, I have put ALL of January aside to work on a very new, NEW project which is not in the slightest related to miniatures, but into which I'm going to put my heart and soul.

However, I have long, established history of doing this...... what could possibly go wrong.