Thursday, 16 April 2020

April Online Show....

There isn't normally an April online show, but these are not normal times, so the organiser of the Mini Miniature Show has added some new dates to the show calendar including one which opens today and runs through till 19th.

Over the past few weeks I've been designing and making some new 'self-isolation' kits to help keep boredom at bay.
Of course, the current lockdown is also taking its toll on the inhabitants of our doll's houses, with the children in particular, seeking amusement.  Doll's house children are usually  particularly naughty and can get up to no end of mischief if not kept gainfully employed, so with this in mind I have created three brand new vintage board game kits*, and revisited another which was discontinued some time ago.

Tweedledum Board Game

Beatrix Potter Board Game

Cat Snakes & Ladders Game

Red Riding Hood Board Game

The kits contain everything needed to make colourful 3-dimensional board games, all based on vintage originals.  However instead of wooden counters, they have proper double-sided characters which can be moved around the boards and won't fall over! 

Each of these kits purchased at the show will also include a bonus kit of either a set of dressing up masks or a mini illustrated book, all themed to complement the board game kit.

There are also some other new kits making an appearance at the show and which you can find on my dealer page HERE

*Disclaimer: I accept no responsibility for arguments, ructions, fits of pique, flouncing off in a huff or intermittent sulking from your doll's house children as a result of playing any of these games.