Thursday, 17 March 2016

March Mini Miniature Show......

The March online Mini Miniature Show is now open, with over 50 international artisans showcasing their work.

You can visit our dealer page HERE!  We have some new circus and carnival-themed miniature toys, as well as special offers on discontinued kits.

We have also just sent out our March Newsletter...... if you wish to subscribe just let me know, or alternatively you can register on the website HERE.  When registering scroll down to the bottom of page and tick Subscribe to our Newsletter.


Monday, 14 March 2016

That's The Way To Do It.....!

I must admit to having a bit of a soft spot for Punch & Judy.  I can still remember, as a child, sitting huddled on a windswept beach, at the height of a Scottish 'summer', watching the story unfold, hoping that Mr Punch would get his come-uppance and howling with laughter when Toby Dog stole his sausages and bit him on the nose.

This will be my final Punch & Judy kit collection so I'm going out with a bang..... a complete set of kits to make up this shop window display with contents.

There are eight different elements to the kit, including the wooden window, with its 'That's The Way To Do It!' backdrop and festoons of Union Jack Bunting.  

Inside the window is a selection of Punch & Judy themed toys

Wooden toy theatre complete with a set of 6 puppets

The theatre is a traditional toy version of the famous Punch & Judy theatres so popular at British seaside resorts since the early 1900s.  Made of wood, the theatre has a colourful proscenium and traditional red and white striped exterior, which is decorated with flags and bunting.  On each side there is a vintage illustration.

 The six detailed metal puppets come with a painting guide and can be used either in the theatre or on the shop window shelf.

Pugnacious Mr Punch and his long-suffering wife Judy along with Toby Dog

Judy with her equally long-suffering Baby!

Mr. Punch's adversaries.... the Policeman and the Crocodile.

Boxed games with contents

One of the games features a set of precision cut, double-sided paper dolls. 
 The other contains a vintage card game.

Paper toy theatre

Selection of toys, puppets, boxed games and miniature book

Pair of porcelain puppets on decorated wooden blocks

As with all my kits, this complete pack contains everything needed (apart from glue and basic tools) to make the illustrated toys, including full step-by-step illustrated instructions.
In line with my new Rule of Ten, only ten packs will be available and they are now available to order on the website, HERE!