Friday, 22 February 2019

L'atelier de la Poupée Home Workshop Pack...

UPDATE.... all packs are now reserved! 

*** To pre-order your pack, please order and pay your deposit on the website HERE!***

As retirement gradually hoves into view on the horizon, finding the right time for my final 'set-piece' home workshop pack has been, as our little granddaughter is fond of saying, "a bit tricky.  

After all I still have a few years left before I hang up my dollmaking apron for good, and I'm still firmly entrenched in the process of downsizing my workroom and restructuring Tower House Dolls to accommodate my changing goals. However, if I leave it too long, I suspect I'll run out of steam, and possibly, many of the wonderful kits which I wish to include.

So over the past few weeks, I revisited my working sample, and all the boxes of things which I'd already made, and I've been gradually putting it all together.

As this is my last ever complete home workshop pack and a celebration of my 30 years as a miniature dollmaker, I really want it to be extra special, and I hope I've succeeded.

Tah dah......

Workshop pack will contain kits to make everything shown here... plus more!
The MDF laser cut display vignette is easily assembled and comes with illustrated step-by-step instructions.  It was designed specially for me and is not available anywhere else!  
There are a lot of special little details...stonework arched alcove with feature glazed window, 5 display shelves and etched floorboards

For the interior, there is a choice of two different Small Interiors wallpapers, which are pretty and delicate, so as not to overpower the minis on display within the vignette.

Choose either pink and blue.....

....or soft sage green and pink
The vignette... painted and decorated, with skirting boards in place
A large wooden table serves as a spacious workspace...

The table fits neatly into the alcove, under the window
An essential item for any dollmaker is good light, so I've included a battery operated desk light to illuminate the work surface.

Throughout the display is a variety of dollmaking themed minis... from a wonderful vintage sewing machine....

Vintage sewing machine kit

.... to boxes of doll's heads and bodies!

As well as all the paraphernalia a dollmaker might need.

A selection of fabric bolts

Dress form with dress

Wig stand with wig and jewelled tiara, jar of paint brushes.....
Cards of silk ribbons....

Selection of jewellery and accessories... choose between gold and silver

Sewing equipment

Haberdashery... buttons, cards of lace, reels of silk ribbon, skeins of trimmings,
and 12 pretty boxes with lids to store and display

Plus a selection of illustrated doll-related book kits...

I also wanted to include a special new doll, to accompany this kit and here she is......

This kit comes complete with colour coordinated box with vintage illustrated lid
*** A limited number of these doll kits are available to purchase separately - HERE! ***

I designed the pretty flower-sprigged fabric for her jacket and had it professionally printed onto the finest silk twill.

Starting with a jointed porcelain doll just 1  3/4” tall, you will make her silk underwear, lace socks and dainty silk shoes.  She wears a silk and lace dress and a flower-sprigged silk jacket edged with vintage lace trim.
Soft ringlet curls tumble from beneath her sweet boater-style hat, which is decorated with braid and silk trim.

As a final finishing touch, make a matching box with vintage illustrated lid!

The doll kit is available in a choice of colours.





This exclusive new doll kit is included with the  L'atelier de la Poupée workshop pack, but you can also choose to add one or more of the following dolls, as kits, at the discounted price of £21 each.

Choose from....

Shabby chic doll - available in a choice of colours

Shabby chic doll - available in a choice of colours

Shabby chic doll - available in a choice of colours

Shabby chic doll - available in a choice of colours

Jumeau-style doll - available in a choice of colours

Deluxe Toy Doll - available in a choice of colours
This offer represents a saving of 25% on the normal price of these made to order kits.  This is a one time offer and additional kits must be ordered at the same time as the complete workshop pack by adding your request in the comments box during checkout.  Please note that you do not need to order them separately on the website, where you will be charged the full amount. (Although if this happens I will sort it out for you!) 

I only have 10 of the L'atelier de la Poupée home workshop packs, which are now  available to pre-order on the website HERE.

The cost is £125 (plus insured shipping at cost, dependent on destination)
To reserve a pack, I require a deposit of £25, and details of all the options you require (wallpaper colour, doll kit(s) costume and wig colours, accessories kit colour).

When your kit is ready to despatch you can either choose to pay the balance (including shipping) in full, or split it into 3 equal monthly payments.

If you need any further information, please contact me and I'll do my best to help.  😊

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Boxing day.......

Today was all about boxes.

Making boxes.
Putting things IN boxes.

I do love little things in boxes.....

Firstly, I had to organise a delivery of gorgeous pure silk ribbons which arrived yesterday, sorting them into their colour groups then putting them all away in their respective boxes. 

 I LOVE silk ribbons.....

Unusually tidy......
Then I turned my attention to making a batch of boxes.....

Mignonette doll boxes in 25 different colours
I designed them specially for my little Mignonette toy dolls and have printed them in all the colours I'm likely to need.

They're really quite time-consuming to make but there's something wonderfully calming about the process.... methodically cutting, scoring, folding, gluing the bases and lids.

I've even designed the lid labels, which are also colour matched to each box.

So each of the little 'Pinspirational' dolls I make, can be nestled into a box which perfectly complements their costume colours.....

My 'first week of February' Mignonette Toy Doll

The perfect way to spend a cold, foggy, February day.

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Groundhog Day.... with added mice.

So yesterday was Groundhog Day... and I now realise that I may have been a bit cavalier in my last post.

We caught TWO of the little buggers yesterday.... relocating them up the garden to the deluxe Mouse Motel, complete with comfy beds and an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Short of installing a mouse-sized revolving door I'm not sure what else we can do.  My FB page is replete with suggestions, including marking each captured rodent with a different food colouring, so that we can see if the same one keeps coming back.

I'm of the opinion that they've all been different mice.  As the one responsible for releasing them, I've got up close and personal, and they've all had different personalities.  I also think that the first one wasn't a common or garden house mouse.  It looked different and my daughter and I both think it was a little wood mouse.  However, FB opinion is divided, and one person even thinks it might have been an escaped desert mouse.

The fact remains we've caught three in the past few days, and infra-red camera footage from last night, after I'd released mouse miscreant #3 revealed that there is yet another mousekin on the loose (aboot this hoose!)

We've re-set the humane trap in the expectation that we'll have #4 in the morning.

Over this weekend, PP has been on a mission, spreadeagled on the kitchen floor, torch in hand, peering under the units.  Then armed with various bits of wood and a silicone gun, she's blocked off several potential points of entry.

We're in it for the long haul though.... and I've pledged to relocate each and every mouse without harming them.  Having looked into their little eyes and watched them cleaning their little whiskers with their little paws I simply couldn't bear to kill them.

I suspect they know this, and it wouldn't surprise me if one of these mornings, we check the infra red camera footage and find an unspecified number of mice doing the conga, pausing every other beat to look STRAIGHT at the camera.