Sunday, 17 June 2018

Flash Sale.... ends today!

Just a very brief post to let you know that we have a Flash Sale running this weekend, which ends today (Sunday 17 June)

There are discounts on both dressed and undressed toy dolls, as well as many new items in my Downsizing Sale.

Also new discontinued kits, toys and dolls......
Limited stocks across the website and when they're gone they're really gone!

All on the website HERE

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Miscellaneous musings.....

So.... over a week after returning from our Scottish odyssey and I've been very lax about updating the blog.

My bad.

The holiday was brilliant... time spent with friends, jaw-dropping scenery, sampling local delicacies (NOT deep-fried Mars bars!) and generally enjoying the land of my birth.

The view from our garden in Argyll

Spotted en route from west to east

The view from our flat in North Berwick

Small Dog 'relacksen' after a hard day's sightseeing.....
Since our return I've been in a whirlwind of 'stuff to do'.  Aside from the interminable unpacking, I've been casting, soft-cleaning, updating the website and attempting to blitz the house.

Plus here we are, almost halfway through the year, and I'm still a long way away from completing my 60th birthday year goals.


In other news, due to the post-holiday laundry mountain, our washing machine exploded the other day.  PP spent several hours trying to mend it, but in the end admitted defeat.  The bearings had gone (don't they always?) and despite watching several You Tube videos showing how to replace them, it entailed taking the entire machine to pieces....a mend-it step too far.  So we've had to grit our teeth and order a new one which arrives (hopefully) later this week.


In other, other news, one of my 60th year goals is to get a (possibly electric) bicycle so research is ongoing.

This is how I imagine I might look.....

And THIS is closer to how I will actually look....