Thursday, 18 January 2018

Dog talk.....

Small Dog and I are having a difference of opinion.  This is nothing unusual.  Regular readers will know that if there is something SD isn't
short of, it's opinions.

This is the source of our disagreement....

It was one of those jokey things that come up on FB, and I must have made a small involuntary snort because SD emerged from one of her 'power naps' and wandered over, requesting to know what I was looking at.

Suspecting that it might be a potential source of discord, I tried to close it down before she could read it... to no avail.

Small Dog: *frowning* Thatt is knott evin funnie.
Me: *placatingly* Oh come on SD.  It is a bit amusing. 
SD: *emphatically* Kno! Itt kleerlie implys thatt dogs ar simpell, wun-dyemenshunal,  unnedewkated, fauning kreechurs with kno indypendint thotts.  
Me: *non-committally* Hmmm.....
SD:*warming to her theme* Yue shude repoart it to Faisbuke!  Thatt iss a fowl kalumnie on dogkind.  Dogs ar intellijent... ai meen luke at me!  
Me:*choking on my tea* YOU?!
SD:*witheringly* Stopp itt.  Yue kno ai am lerrned.... wel red, nawlidgible, errudyte.  Admittidlie, as a prowd and nobell Yorkshier Terrior ai am an ecksepshun, butt evin so.  Kno dog is THATT stewpid.
Me: *grudgingly* Well if you put it like that I suppose you're right.  
SD:*returning to her bed* Absewlootlie.  Ai doant liek to be a laffen stok....
Me: Perish the thought SD......

Friday, 5 January 2018

Tipping the balance......


Today was all about de-Christmasfying the house and packing away all the decorations.  I've left several strings of pretty white fairy lights in situ here and there in order to leaven the January gloom but even so the sitting room, dining room and staircase look very bare, apart from a light dusting of glitter which escaped the hoover earlier.

This weekend, we'll be continuing in a similar vein, clearing out and decluttering the last spare bedroom, following the sale and departure of my lovely desk and filing cabinets over the past week.  There still seems to be a lot of superfluous 'stuff' in there, but we're going to tackle it all methodically and I anticipate at least two trips to the recycling facility over the weekend, as well as lots of things posted on Freegle.

All being well, we'll then be in a position to redecorate.... paint the walls, new curtains etc and reinstate it as a guest bedroom, rather than a storage facility.

Also on the To Do list is completing minor makeovers in the bathroom and dining room, which with fair winds and following seas should be completed by the end of February, at which point the house should be 'market ready' in time for spring.

Well that's the I am wont to say, what could possibly go wrong?

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Lights, camera, action.....!

I'm finally getting stuck into taking photos for my book.  They're what's been holding the project back all this time... both the quantity and the required quality.  

All of the step-by-step photos have to be taken while I'm actually working at my desk, rather than in perfect 'studio' conditions, so there are many variables in play.... quality of daylight, time of day, etc. I've been fixated on making them as 'standardised' as possible, but I'm not a professional photographer and I don't have commercial studio equipment.  After many false starts I've decided that the most important thing is what is being shown, and not that the colours and light quality are identical in each shot.  

In the same vein, while I'm working, I inevitably get paint and glue on my fingers and I've been stressing about the state of my hands, but of course, they're not the subject of the photos so I shouldn't worry about how they look in the photos either.

The first section of the book contains chapters on tools and equipment, fabrics and trimmings and basic skills.  It requires 100 photos... some full page, some close-ups of detail.  I haven't yet added up the total number of photos required for the projects section, with a chapter for each of the featured dolls and variations, but it will run to several hundred.

So instead of striving for completely perfect, professional-quality images, I need to accept that if this book is ever going to be published I have to simply get on and do the best I can  with what I've got.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Happy New Year....!!!!

Well.... that escalated quickly!  One minute it's mid-December, the next we're headlong into the New Year.

Since my last post I've been to Suffolk to spend a few days with my lovely daughter, have spent Christmas with family then saw in the New Year with good friends.

During the fabled Twixmas period, I did indeed carry on with Willow Cottage (my 1/24th scale project) and have managed to tile the roof and dormer windows, as well as making some internal adjustments. 
Roof tiling in process

I had been going to use printed tile paper for the roof, but I have a load of cardboard tiles left over from the roof of La Mignonette so in the spirit of thrift decided to use those.  However, they are 1/12th, so I had to cut each one to size for 1/24th, which quickly became a chore.  And that's before I tackled the intricacies of a multitude of different angles for the dormer windows.

Finally finished
When the glue is completely dry tomorrow, I'll paint the dormers (they're not fixed in place yet) then all the roof tiles.

I've also decided on the paint colour for the cottage...

At least I think I have.  This looks like a lovely, gentle, shabby green in the pot, but until I've put some on the MDF I won't know EXACTLY how it will look.  It's entirely possible that it will look too green and I'll have to reconsider.  I think I'll put a wash of white on the exterior wall first... partly to prime the MDF, partly to provide a light background for the colour.  Then I'll do a test patch on the back of the building to assess how it looks. 

Also I've got a selection of kits for the interior.....

So far so good......