Thursday, 17 November 2016

Tap dancing's out then.....?

I am currently hobbling around like an old granny, courtesy of slipping down the stairs  and badly spraining my foot.

Or to be more precise, my big toe.

Ouch doesn't even BEGIN to cover it!

I blame it on my new glasses, combined with general crappy balance.  I was coming downstairs yesterday morning when I misjudged where my feet were and my right foot slipped off one of the stairs.

My entire weight came crashing down on my right toe and as I grabbed for the handrail, I pivoted round, still on my toe, like a tragically inept and ungainly ballet dancer.

The nearest way to describe the sensation is A WHOLE WORLD OF PAIN!!!

It all happened so quickly, and I was so relieved not to have stacked it down the entire flight of stairs that I dismissed the pain and throbbing.  I could still wiggle my toes and flex my foot so I was reasonably confident that I hadn't broken anything.

However, as the day wore one, I experienced pins and needles, and spikes of pain, radiating up my leg.  Overnight the pain woke me up, and this morning I couldn't move my toes without excruciating pain, so we judged that a trip to A&E was probably in order...

In my slippers as I couldn't get my foot into a shoe.

Fast forward several hours and two X-rays later and happily there is no fracture.  Merely a bad sprain.

I have to try to stay off the foot and keep it raised.... as if THAT'S going to happen. 
Especially as every time I position the pouffe in front of my chair, Small Dog immediately jumps up and settles down on it, daring me to move her or try to perch my foot on one tiny corner of it.

I will likely be in 'hobble mode' for the next few days.... a cross between Mrs Overall and Baba Yaga.

Friday, 11 November 2016

What big ears you have......!

My latest kit has been a long time in the making.  I first started thinking about it 18 months ago, after discovering the image of a vintage travelling theatre cart, which was pulled by a goat.

Red Riding Hood Travelling Theatre Cart
I worked extensively with the lovely Nick Day of Treacle Lane who transformed my ideas into a perfect little 1/12th scale toy theatre cart which is exclusive to us and forms the basis of the kit.

The cart is made of wood, lavishly decorated with vintage illustrations both inside and out.

Two doors open to reveal the interior, with panelled walls and wooden floor.

The kit comes complete with a full cast of precision cut characters, including several variations of Red Riding Hood and the wolf.  Movable scenery adds a 3-dimensional effect. Scenery and characters have clever magnetic bases so that they can easily be moved around but will stay in place without falling over!

Red Riding Hood's mother talks to the woodcutter

"Walk with me....."

Grandmother's cottage.... enter the wolf!

"Oh Grandmama... what big teeth you have!"


All of the precision cut characters and scenery pieces are double sided and can be stored in a pretty box....

Just a few of the character and scenery pieces.....

Externally, the cart is decorated with vintage illustrations on all sides.....

The roof is removable to allow easy access to the interior

 Last but by no means least, the cart is pulled along by a remarkably amenable wolf! 

He wears a lavishly decorated leather saddle and jewelled harness, while around his neck hangs a little golden bell on a silk ribbon.

"What big ears you have.....!"
It turns out that this particular wolf is an endangered species.  No sooner had I identified him as the perfect wolf than he was discontinued, and I had to spend several months tracking down the last of his kind on the internet in order to gather enough to produce this kit.

For this reason, this is a one-off, limited edition kit and cannot be repeated.  Available in a very limited quantity, they are now listed on the website in the new Red Riding Hood category HERE.

Also coming soon..... Little Red Riding Hood toy doll, plus vintage games and books.