Sunday, 8 April 2018

V for Vendetta.....

We've had an 'unwelcome' visitor in the garden.

I've named him Ratty McRatFace and he has discovered an all-you-can-eat buffet underneath the bird feeders at the top of the garden.


I'm of the 'live and let live' school of creature management, and given that we live behind acres of ancient woodland, in which there are undoubtedly more examples of Rattus Norvegicus than you could shake a stick at, I'm fairly sanguine about a small furry creature foraging in what he regards as 'his' garden.

However, he's now turning up with his +1, aka Ratty Muldoon, and PP is putting her foot down.

I will also mention in passing that we have a boney fido ratting terrior in the house, who has shown zero interest in the rodent invasion, taking place under her sniffy little nose.

Scene.  Earlier today. Ratty McRatFace and Ratty Muldoon are spotted having an alfresco feast.

Me: *excitedly* Small Dog!  Quickly!  See them OFF!!!

SD exits in a flurry of fur and barking and runs in totally the opposite direction.  Rats beat a hasty exit, although they could easily have finished their snack and strolled off in a leisurely manner.  
SD eventually picks up the scent trail and sets up a storm of barking, kicking her heels, wee-ing profusely and generally demonstrating that she knows what she's doing.  After several minutes of this, she runs back down the steps and barrels back into the kitchen where I intercept her.

Me: *icily*  You ran in totally the wrong direction.  You're rubbish.

SD:*doggedly* Murrm... yue kno nuthen abowt ratt manijment.  Ai hav to lul them intoo a fawls sens of sekewritie.  

Me: *sceptically* Is that right? So what is your plan...?

SD: *warming to her theme*  Aah. Wel.  Ai thort ai wude issew them with a "Sees and Deesistt Ordur".... reekwesting them to kwitt the premissis fourthwith.

Me: *speechless* That's it is it.... That's your 'plan'?

SD:*defensively* Wel OBVEEYUSLY ai will bak it upp with akshun.  And reesunible fours.  Ai am, when orl is sed and dun, a Prowd and Nobell Yorkshier Terrior and the blud of jenerashuns of ratten terriors floes threw mai vains.

Me: *raised eyebrow* You have ONE WEEK.   Just sort them out please or we'll have to take matters into our own hands. 

SD:* strolls off towards her basket* Itts orl undur kontrole.  Jusst leev it tue me.  Now iff yue wil eckews me.... ai knead a napp.

Me: *sigh*

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Going... going......!

Back to work this week... although the Easter Bank Holiday does at least mean that the working week is shorter than normal.

Finally got the last bespoke menagerie pullalong toy kit kits finished and packaged, and the final batch have all gone out in the post this week.

Last batch of bespoke pullalong toy kits....

I've made up my few remaining animals into kits which are now listed on the website, in the discontinued kits category HERE

I only have a few of each kit, the animals available are Lion Cub, Siberian Tiger Cub, Zebra and Fox Terrier.  When these last ones are gone that's it... I won't be making any more.

Jaunty Fox Terrier Pullalong Toy Kit

Lion Cub Pullalong Toy Kit

Siberian Tiger Pullalong Toy Kit

Zebra Pullalong Toy Kit

Empty space in the workroom is now becoming more noticeable as I'm gradually working my way through every box, drawer, shelf and cupboard.....