Saturday, 24 December 2011

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.......

So, all of our house guests have now arrived and we've done the obligatory trip to Tesco to get all the last minute forgotten bits of shopping, just in case the bulging fridge, overflow cool boxes and groaning dresser in the dining room didn't provide enough sustenance.

I am fairly confident that we will be drought and famine resistant during the 24 hour period the shops are shut.

All the presents are wrapped and under the tree and I'm just about to get into relaxation mode with a glass of something festive.

So it only remains to wish all my faithful blog readers a very merry Christmas holiday.

What passes for normal service will be resumed after the festivities.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Oh no no no no no no no no no no no.......

My lovely daughter and I share the same peculiar sense of humour.

So I make no apologies for this, which I was introduced to yesterday.  

Apparently it is the cat's reaction to meeting a small child for the first time.

Go figure.......

Going over the top.........

The title of this post doesn't refer to anything immoderately extravagant.


It owes more to WWI trench warfare.

Having managed to do most of my Christmas shopping online, the remaining 10% required a hands on attitude, which necessitate us going into town and braving the hordes.

As predicted, Hastings was heaving.  The area around the festive ice rink was 6 deep with children desperate to risk life and limb by donning skates and gripping onto a safety penguin before being launched out onto the icy wastes.

It wasn't much better in any of the shops, as we were swept along in the melee, occasionally surfacing momentarily for air, before being submerged in a sea of harrassed looking women bearing armfuls of carrier bags filled to overflowing.

A few bemused-looking men stood helplessly at the perfumery counters, eyes out on stalks at the price of Chanel No. 5 and doubtless wondering if they could get away with a small bottle of Yardley's Lavender Water instead.

As is traditional at Christmas, I had to run the gauntlet of the annual panic attack in the pound shop, which resembled nothing so much as Dante's seventh circle of hell, with queues right round the shop and legions of screaming children throwing their umpteenth tantrum.

Four hours just flew by* and we were then able to stagger back to the car and come home.

So with just two days to go before the family converge for Christmas it just remains to do the main food and wine shop, enough of both to last 6 people for three days...... 

Oh, and the present wrapping.

And the house cleaning.

And the bed changing.

Ho ho ho.......

*insert heavy irony here

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas Competition.....

I've just posted a competition over on the Miniature Christmas blog!

Deadline for entries is 24 December..... good luck!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Apocalyptic weather........

Down here on the south coast we've been relentlessly buffeted by gale force winds.  A house just along the road in Bexhill had its roof blown off last night and there were times when I feared for ours.

Aside from the gales we had a thunderstorm today, just to add to the whole 'end of the world' scenario.

The weather is set to get even worse towards the weekend and being on the top of a hill I worry that we might wake up in Kansas.

See what I did there....?

Anyhoo, Christmas preparations are proceeding at a snail's pace.  Cards have been bought but not written.  House has been half decorated.  Present shopping has ground to a halt.  Every year I pledge that I will arrive at Christmas Eve thoroughly prepared and serene.

Yeah right.

We have finally managed to pin down the various family members and they're all going to be here for the duration.  Usually we have a combination of any number of them coming and going at various times from Christmas Eve till Boxing Day.

So we have three days of meals for 6+ to plan and prepare for, and as usual we're debating whether or not to have turkey on Christmas Day. 

Is anyone else suffering from pre-Christmas stress?

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Just in time for Christmas..........

CDHM has been having a bit of a makeover so getting into the spirit of the thing I've revamped my gallery and listed a few little toy dolls at very special prices, just in time for Christmas.

So if you're considering self-gifting this Christmas, you can view my CDHM gallery HERE.



Friday, 9 December 2011

Redressing the balance.....

This blog is often accused of being completely dog-centric.  While there may be some justification in that, in my defence, there is also the odd squirrel, guinea pig or other motley rodents.

However, perhaps it is time to redress the balance and present something for all you cat lovers out there.

Whoever you may be.......

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Countdown to Christmas........

After a final push to get all the outstanding commission orders completed this week, then packaged and posted out this afternoon, I feel as though I can finally start to get into the Christmas spirit.  

I have designated Saturday as house decorating day, which necessitates getting into the loft tomorrow and doing battle with the legion of enourmous spiders who guard the Christmas decorations.

Once all the boxes are down, I'll be all set to transform the sitting room, hallway and dining room with all their festive finery.  When it comes to Christmas, I'm firmly in the traditional red, gold and green camp, disdaining whichever current fad dictates this year's colours and absolutely NO tinsel, glitter or lametta.  

This year turquoise and purple must be the 'must have' shades, if the selection in Tesco is anything to go by.  Each year, we buy a special decoration to add to the tree, and it was a struggle sourcing one today which was both traditional and in my chosen colour.  However, I did manage to find one so all is well. 

So, I'm going to make a start tomorrow by cleaning and tidying downstairs in preparation for decorating on Saturday.  If I'm really lucky there will be some old films showing on TV on Saturday afternoon which I can watch while I'm doing the tree.

Sounds like a plan........

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Ay Carumba.......

Surfacing today after several days of full-on nose to the grindstone.  

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Miniature Christmas Fayre over the weekend.  The last of the orders will be packaged today then I have to tackle the unholy mess that is the workroom.  

There are boxes everywhere, drifts of tissue paper, bubble wrap, and all the associated paraphernalia of order packaging.  Not to mention all the stuff related to our two online sessions, which were a useful test of the technology.  We had 'visitors' from as far afield as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Germany, Netherlands, Australia and the US, most of whom got to meet Small Dog in person!

Speaking of Small Dog, the rest of her dressing is now off, revealing her stitches in all their gory glory.  I will forbear posting photos just in case anyone has an over-sensitive gag reflex.

I'm also aware that Christmas is inching inexorably closer.... houses up our road are sprouting illuminated reindeer on their front lawns, flashing icicles hanging from their roofs and 8 foot Christmas trees in their sitting rooms.  

So far we have one, lone card performing the function of Christmas decorations.  I can't quite muster the energy or enthusiasm to drag all the boxes of stuff down from the loft but I suppose I'll have to do it before the weekend.  When I was a child (and even when my children were little) we used to put up the decorations ONE WEEK before Christmas Day.  

These days it's not unusual to see domestic decorations in situ in November, which rather takes the shine off it as far as I'm concerned.

Better go and get on before I come over all Bah Humbug.......

Sunday, 4 December 2011

The trouble with young people today........

As I edge closer to old age *cough* I find myself, against my better judgement, becoming ever more reactionary and curmudgeonly.

Which is why I was delighted to discover THIS WEBSITE.

I suspect that good ol' Don Mills may not be as old as he purports, but what the hell.  He writes a damn good blog.

Christmas Fayre.... last chance!

Our website is rather like Cinderella today..... on the stroke of midnight tonight all of the special-priced miniatures will revert to full price!

If you are tempted to treat yourself, or a mini-loving friend, remember that orders over £50 will qualify for a £5 gift voucher which you can use against future orders.

Also today, at 4.30 pm GMT, Small Dog and I will be online in our virtual classroom to answer any questions you might have and let you have a closer look at our range of miniature toys and dolls.

To join us simply FOLLOW THIS LINK at 4.30 (the session will not open until that time!)
Make sure your speakers are switched on otherwise you won't be able to hear me.  If you have a microphone you will be able to talk to me directly, if not, don't worry, you will be able to type your questions or comments in the live chat box.  This session is scheduled to last for one hour but you can pop in for just a few minutes if you like.

Hope to see you there......

Friday, 2 December 2011

Tower House Dolls Christmas Fayre.....

Please join us this coming weekend for a touch of Christmas cheer.

No need to worry about the weather, travel delays, parking chaos or braving the crowds.  Just settle down in front of your computer with a comforting mug of hot chocolate, or glass of warm mulled wine and do your mini shopping from home.
From midnight tonight till midnight on Sunday (GMT) we will be hosting our very own   

Tower House Dolls Christmas Fayre!

Over the next two days there will be a range of one-off specials right across the website.

In addition, on both Saturday and Sunday you can join myself and Small Dog in the workroom, where we will have a live audio and video link so that you can see our miniature toys and dolls in detail and have a chat with us.

We will have two live video sessions as follows:

Saturday 3 December at 1pm GMT - Follow this link

Sunday 4 December at 4.30 GMT - Follow this link

There is a World Time Converter HERE for international visitors.  

We will be sending a £5.00 Christmas Gift Voucher to anyone who places an order to the value of £50 or more (excluding P&P).  

We do hope you can join us!

Thursday, 1 December 2011