Saturday, 27 November 2010

Hypothermia beckons.......

It's cold.

Really really cold.

Teeth-chatteringly, bone-rattlingly, freezing cold.

I just cannot get warm.  Despite having my vest tucked into my knickers, plus 4 layers of thermal clothing, plus two fleecy blankets I feel chilled to the marrow.

I strongly suspect I'm coming down with something.  My eyes hurt, my skin hurts, my head hurts.  

I'm basically all hurty.

This is not good.  Especially as I should be working flat out for KDF next Saturday and normally at this point in the run up to a fair I should be putting in 14 hour days and generally panicking like a panicking thing.  However I simply can't summon up the energy to panic so at the moment I'm fairly sanguine.

Feeling like death warmed up... but sanguine. 

Not to worry though........ the entire thing may be taken completely out of my hands by the incipient blizzards forecast to blanket the UK and bring civilisation as we know it, to an abrupt end.

The good people of St. Leonards are certainly taking warnings of the looming apocalypse seriously.  Likewise, in anticipation of the potential for being snowed in at the top of our hill and due to having no food in the house, we were forced to visit Tesco this morning, where I dragged myself around the store, trying to remain vertical while all the time wishing I could just lie down under the shelves and block out the light and noise.  I've rarely seen the store so busy, unless you count the few days right before Christmas when the prospect of having the shop shut for a whole 24 hours, makes people feel the need to panic buy.  On our way in we encountered hordes of shoppers, herding trolleys piled high with store cupboard essentials.

In my mildly hallucinatory state, the combination of hyper-crazed screaming children, ultra-bright lighting, end-to-end frenzied tannoy announcements for all checkout operators to go to the tills and the cut and thrust of trolley jousting in the packed aisles, I began to feel as if I had been catapulted onto the set of a Tim Burton film, probably in the role of the Corpse Bride, which I inadvisedly watched this afternoon.  

Don't get me wrong, I greatly admire Burton's films but if you are already barely functioning and in a spacey, dreamlike state they're a bit scary and the line between fantasy and reality starts to blur.  Nevertheless I'm toying with the idea of watching Sweeney Todd later so think on.  My grasp of the line between fantasy and reality is tenuous at the best of times so I'm determined to push the boundaries and see where I end up.

Bravado or what...

Edit - Small Dog is currently sitting so close to the fire that I swear I can smell the delicate aroma of singeing Yorkie.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Retail therapy........

Last week was a bit of a doozer.

Exciting and terrifying by turns.

We indulged in a bit of retail therapy...... I bought a new new magnifying lamp, we both bought new slippers.  

Nothing particularly exciting or terrifying there you might think.  Unless you have a slipper phobia.


But it doesn't end there.

We also bought a caravan.

Just like that without a 'by your leave'.

Forget the fact that our current car is a Chevrolet Matiz, with an engine size of 900cc which  wouldn't tow a wheelbarrow.  My sewing machine probably has more oomph.

Never mind that we don't have anywhere to put it as our driveway is really steep and completely unsuitable.

Let's also gloss over the fact that neither of us have ever towed a caravan.

Not to mention the small impediment of already owning a campervan, which we have to sell, as well as the Noddy car, in order to release the cash to enable us to buy a car capable of towing something bigger than a roller skate.

But if you put aside all of the above, and take into account the fact that the caravan was a completely fantastic, unbeatable bargain, and we were in the right place at the right time (serendipity) you may be able to understand why we just couldn't turn it down.

So the past week has been a maelstrom of frenetic activity.

  • Last Tuesday - alerted by the friend of a friend to the imminent sale of a very desirable carvan at an absolute bargain price for a very quick sale.
  • Wednesday a.m. - arranged to view aforementioned caravan.  Immediately sealed a very good deal.
  • Wednesday p.m - panic, panic, panic, PANIC!
  • Thurday - scrabble around trying to arrange collection of caravan by kind friend with a towcar, visit to local caravan storage facility (vile, horrible place you wouldn't want to leave a skateboard let alone a caravan) put funds on notice for release of cash, bit more panicking
  • Friday - try to find alternative storage facility, check out insurance, research sale of campervan, visit several local used car dealers to recce tow vehicles.
  • Saturday a.m - Building Society to withdraw cash.... short but terrifying walk to car in mortal fear of being mugged.  Drive to Kent village where caravan is waiting, plus kind friend with proper 'grown up' vehicle who tows caravan to driveway of kind relative who has offered to store it while we sort out storage.
  • Sunday - Drive to kind relative and borrow buckets of warm, soapy water so we can clean inside/outside caravan and give it a really thorough inspection.  Visit second caravan storage facility which is much better than first but much more expensive.
  • Monday (today) - Visit third caravan storage facility, which like Baby Bear's porridge is just right.  Try to arrange for weekend collection of caravan from kind relative's driveway by different kind friend also with towcar, who can take it to lovely storage facility, where it can be safely tucked in for the winter while we try to draw breath and recuperate from the whirlwind of the last week.
I won't bore you with the gorgeousness of our lovely new caravan.  The fact that it has hardly been used, is only a few years old, comes with a brand new/used once awning plus breathable flooring, has a spacious end bathroom with proper walk-in shower, toilet and washbasin, superb kitchen amidships -BIG fridge with proper full-width freezer section, full size oven, sweet little spotlights all around the big Heki rooflight, central heating, reading lights over the seating area.....


So only a few minor, niggly naggly things to sort out (lack of towcar, lack of towing experience etc plus sale of campervan) and we'll be sorted.

In other news, major, MAJOR, really important fair looming in less than two weeks.  NO Christmas shopping done.  

And we've finally decided that we're definitely going to move house.

So no pressure.........

Thursday, 18 November 2010


Here's the deal.

I do have exciting good stuff to share, but it pales into insignificance beside THIS

If you love dogs I dare you not to find it compulsive reading.

And funny.


Exciting good stuff will have to wait till tomorrow.......

*insert suitable cliffhanger music here*

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Good Stuff..........

My appeal for Good Stuff has resulted in a veritable plethora of feelgood missives.  Many thanks to everyone who responded, either directly to me, or via a comment on the blog.

Good Stuff continued this morning, with the arrival of my new magnifying lamp, less than 24 hours after ordering!  It's now installed on my desk and I'm absolutely delighted with it.

It looks like a cross between the Starship Enterprise and a white toilet seat with the lid up, but nevertheless it is AMAZING.  The light is really bright and clean-white while the magnifying lens is frighteningly good.  No excuse now for less than perfect painting!

Later, in the post, was an order for stripwood which I've been eagerly awaiting for some time.  You might not think Jelutong stripwood particularly exciting but trust me, it so is.

Also in the category of Good Stuff, is something which I have to keep secret for the time being in case I jinx the whole thing.  But it's VERY EXCITING so fingers crossed it comes off. 

Right, back to work..... but I'm finding it really hard to concentrate.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


So following on from Manic Monday we have Turbulent Tuesday.

After much research, to-ing and fro-ing on the interweb and discussions with other members of the management team (although why I even consider canvassing Small Dog's opinions on anything other than what she wants for dinner I don't know) I have finally made a decision and ordered a new magnifying lamp.

Thank you to everyone who sent me advice and links, they really helped in the decision-making process.  

Rosanna, I was very taken with the Eschenbach magnifying lamp, but at over £500 it's just a tad too expensive.  Granted I could probably see individual atoms in the porcelain but sadly I just can't afford it.

Joyce, I was also impressed with the LightCraft wide lens magnifying lamp and at around the £120 mark it was nearer to being in budget.  However, although I was sorely tempted  I don't actually need such a big lens.

Other suggestions included Lumo lamps, which apparently are used extensively in hospitals and scientific laboratories, but are also a mite expensive.

In the mid-range price bracket there were a number of possibilities and I eventually plumped for one which is currently on offer online at half-price, and which offers a no-quibble refund if, after I've given it a test run, it proves to be unsuitable.

That all took the best part of the morning, which meant that my afternoon was given over to soft-cleaning, which robs me of the will to live.  However, thanks to PP's help it was all completed today and the kiln is loaded and ready to bisque fire tomorrow.

In other news, Small Dog needs to have one claw on a front paw trimmed.  I'm all for letting the vet do it, under a small amount of sedation.  PP however is made of sterner stuff and is convinced that we can do it ourselves.  I am resolutely NOT convinced, especially as while PP was having a surreptitious recce of the affected foot, Small Dog became made entirely of bitey so the experiment was hurriedly abandoned.

In other, other news I am feeling a bit disconsolate.  I don't know what has precipitated the malaise apart from the obvious candidates of Christmas looming on the horizon, an uncertain financial prognosis over the coming month, the cold, dark evenings etc etc etc.

So could somebody please tell me Good Stuff........

Monday, 15 November 2010

Too much information...............

I'm all Googled out.

My brain has gone fizzy and I feel completely confused and befuddled with too much information.

Who would have thought that there would be SO MUCH CHOICE in magnifying lamps?

When I bought my first lamp over 20 years ago the choice was 'do you want it or not'?  Now, as with everything else, there are a myriad options, each more confusing than the next.

Ok, so let's be logical about this and narrow it down to what I actually need.

Right, first it has to be desk mounted with a clamp so that it swivels.  I don't want a weighted lamp base taking up valuable space on my already cluttered workdesk.  Also I need to be able to easily swing it out of the way and bring it back to focus on my work without faffing around and moving it about on the table.

Secondly, the magnifying lens itself MUST be good quality.  My old lamp was a dear old friend but it would be the first to admit it wasn't great at magnifying.  There was a lot of distortion towards the edges and the field of vision was quite limited.  If I have to change it I want crisp, crystal clear magnification to at least x2, preferably more, to compensate for my ageing eyesight.

Thirdly, ideally I'd like a nice clean, white light.  My old lamp used a single incandescent candle bulb which threw a yellow cast.  The light itself was also housed to one side of the lens so shadows could be a problem.  Modern lamps use circular fluorescent tubes, which illuminate all the way round the lens, and seem like an excellent idea.

Fourthly, I'm left-handed, so I need a bi-directional toggle-thingy on the cowl so that I can quickly and easily release it to move the lens/lamp.  This was always a minor niggle on the old one and thankfully, modern ones seem to be more ambidextrous.

Fifthly, it needs to have a good reach so that I don't have to unscrew and move it every time I want to work at the edge of my desk.

Sixthly, it would be really useful if it has an integral lens cover.  I lost the lens cover for my old one years back and have had to resort to covering it with a towel in order to try to avoid airborne dust and debris, not to mention the inevitable scratches.

Seventhly..... well there isn't really a seventhly.  I don't mind what colour it is, although white seems to be the 'in' shade. And I'd prefer it not to cost the earth, although I know from experience that you get what you pay for.

And until I have a replacement I can't get on with anything much.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.......

Let there be light..........

I had to do a batch of soft cleaning today.  Not my favourite task but it has to be done.

After heads and faces have been soft cleaned, I add the eye whites using a bisque fired glaze, and to do this I use a magnifying lamp so that I can see the eye outlines clearly enough to be able to paint them.

I've had the same magnifying lamp since 1989 and aside from replacing the occasional bulb it's been just fine.

Today however, when I switched it on, it didn't work.

No light.




And so began a process of elimination to determine the source of the problem.

Easy stuff first.... check the bulb


Next easiest, check the wiring in the plug


OK..... test the fuse


By this point I had exhausted my electrical expertise and PP took over to give the lamp a forensic examination.

She took the whole thing apart bit by bit, testing as she went along.

She dismantled the switch, the wiring connections, the bulb holder component thingy.

Still nothing.


So no guesses what I'll be doing this evening...... ?


Sunday, 14 November 2010

Rain, rain, rain......

Will it NEVER stop raining?

The gale force winds have finally abated but the rain has been relentless.  As I write it is coming down in sheets.  The whole garden is completely sodden, our patio is starting to flood as there is just nowhere for all that water to go, and even Small Dog sinks into the lawn if she stands in the same spot for more than a few seconds. Not that she's terribly keen on setting paw outside the door as the torrential downpours soak her to the skin in seconds.

My long-awaited weekend of doing nothing hasn't exactly worked out the way I expected.  It was all going well until I sat down yesterday afternoon in front of the TV with my laptop.  One thing led to another and before I knew it I was deep in the bowels of three sets of new kit instructions, which I've been putting off for weeks.  Don't know why I decided to revisit them, but I'm glad I did, as the mental block which has prevented me getting anywhere with them miraculously disappeared and I managed to get all three sets knocked into shape and ready for the step-by-step photographs.

So. Result.

If I'd set aside tomorrow morning to work on them I just know that after 30 minutes I'd have been tearing my hair out.  Strange how doing something when I've pledged not to do anything is somehow much more productive.

However, the thing I should have been doing, ie making inroads into my Christmas shopping, has fallen by the wayside and I am completely bereft of inspiration.  

My own Christmas list is also currently in preparation.  What I would really, REALLY like is one of these

I've blogged my desire for this before, but Father Christmas must have been on his holidays at the time because I definitely didn't get one in my stocking.

Perhaps he's embroiled in a spot of fiscal realignment as they are a tad pricey.... £995 for the humungous Workbox and a marginally more realistic (but only by comparison) £595 for its smaller, slimmer brother.  Also, if I'm to be brutally honest (and we all know honesty is the best policy) neither are really perfect for my needs.  They are primarily designed for storage of scrapbooking supplies, paper, card and the like, and the canvas totes look a bit flimsy.  

Despite my heroic downsizing efforts in the workroom, I will still need storage for small plaster molds, fabrics, trimmings etc, so the storage itself needs to be a bit more sturdy.

So I've been trying to design an alternative which would fulfil all my requirements.            Some time ago, PP discovered THIS website, which is a treasure trove of DIY projects, designed specifically with the non-woodworker in mind.

I'm particularly taken with this project, which has many possibilities as craft storage.  I'm thinking of a standalone cabinet, with doors just like those.  Foldaway work surface, built in lighting, integral electric sockets, bespoke storage in the exact sizes I need.......


 I'm going to put it on my wishlist and carry on with drawing up plans.......the perfect antidote to a very, very wet and miserable Sunday afternoon.

Friday, 12 November 2010

MY mood in a picture.........

Don't ask..........

Weekend off..........

For the first time in weeks and weeks I am taking the weekend off.  I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to a weekend filled with doing exactly what I want.

I don't have to go anywhere, do anything, talk to anyone, get up early, work or any other of the innumerable tasks which normally populate my weekends.

So I am relishing the thought of two whole days during which I can concoct my own timetable.  I'm thinking along the lines of a lovely lie-in tomorrow morning, followed by a delishus brunch.
Then perhaps some gentle pottering, followed by an afternoon film on TV, snuggled up on the sofa with Small Dog as nesting companion.

Pure.  Unalloyed.  Bliss.

However for that to happen I have to clear the decks today.  I bust a gut yesterday completing all the outstanding orders currently on my desk, so they will have to be packaged and despatched this afternoon.  Then a spot of tidying up in the workroom is called for, and when I have restored the room to calm serenity I can relax.........

Hmm.... best laid plans and all that....

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Website update.........

I've just finished updating the Diminutive Dolls website with lots of new toys.


Tuesday, 9 November 2010

KDF floorplans ...........

With impeccable timing, following my fair rant yesterday, floor plans for the Christmas Kensington Dollshouse Festival have just been unveiled.

We're in the same spot for the third year running, in the Main Hall, up on the stage area with its panoramic view over the whole hall.  

A cursory glance over the exhibitors confirms that, at least at Kensington, artisan quality has taken precedence.  I've printed out a set of the floor plans so that I can plan my visits to favourite standholders for the final few bits and pieces I need for my day nursery.

As KDF is so big, I will need to execute my foray around the halls with military precision.  There are also quite a few new exhibitors this year, who are helpfully highlighted on the exhibitors list so I'm going to take some time out this evening to browse their websites.  

Hornet's nest..........

I seem to have stirred a hornet's nest with yesterday's post.  Opinion seems to be split on the whole 'Artisan Good, Taiwan Tat Seller-On Bad' debate.  I've had both support and dissent expressed via comments, email and on forums.  

On balance I regard this as A Good Thing.

There are few opportunities in the public arena for artisans to express what they REALLY think about anything which affects them directly.  

Several years ago I was a member of MINTA (Miniaturists Trade Association) which aimed to represent miniaturists.  Sadly it withered on the vine and disappeared without trace, but while it was in operation it was possible to find up-to-date, accurate, unbiased information on all manner of subjects of interest to the miniature artisan, not to mention several which regularly plague us..... plagiarism and copyright infringement to name but two.

There are, of course, public and 'private' online forums, which serve to promote the work of miniature artisans in one form or another.  However, generally speaking, potentially contentious areas of debate are discouraged in order to avoid internecine wars. 

So where do miniature artisans go to express their opinions on the way our business operates?  Are we to be restricted to seeking out a small, private group of like-minded colleagues and have a collective (but ultimately ineffectual) moan, or simply keeping schtum so as not to rock the boat?

Compare and contrast folks.........

Monday, 8 November 2010

Fair enough..........

It's blowing a gale this morning, with driving horizontal rain.

Two of our gutters are leaking and there is an ominous drip, drip, DRIP sound coming from the loft.

And just to show solidarity with the generally wet/damp theme, our shower has sprung a leak and there water is dripping from two places in the porch roof too.


My mood today complements the weather perfectly......

Yesterday was a washout, but not in the meteorological sense.  We don't exhibit at many fairs these days, and yesterday was a reminder of why we don't.

Extensively advertised as a "95% British Handmade" fair, sadly it didn't live up to its billing.  I estimate that perhaps 20% British Handmade was nearer the mark, and even then I'm being generous.  If, as a collector, I had travelled some distance on the basis of the advertising, I would have been sorely disappointed.

Yes there were some wonderful quality artisans exhibiting, but there was also an awful lot of imported Taiwanese tat.   Compared to last year, standards were definitely well down.  I didn't speak to one other artisan who had had a good day.  Some didn't even cover their expenses.

Thankfully we did cover our costs, plus a bit more, but we were more than 50% down on the same fair last year.

On the plus side, the organisation was excellent.  Setting up was easy and quick, exhibitor parking was plentiful and close to the unloading bays.  There were no hitches during the set up period, and a room had been set aside with complimentary tea and coffee for exhibitors, all day, which was very welcome.  Information and help for exhibitors was on hand throughout the day, and queries were quickly dealt with.

We were also pleased to see several of our former students and catch up on all their news, miniature and otherwise.

It's just a shame that the fair didn't live up to its quality billing, and the remorseless march of imported, mass produced miniatures won the day.

Don't get me wrong.  There is, of course, a place for these.  For enthusiasts just starting out in the hobby they are a quick and relatively cheap way of furnishing and fitting out a doll's house.  However the budget 'pocket money' enthusiasts of today, are tomorrow's discerning collectors and it doesn't take long for the appeal of mass market miniatures to pall, and the individuality of artisan pieces to appeal.

I have been a collector for over 25 years, and my dalliance with imported stuff was mercifully brief.  Within a very short period of time I moved from returning from a fair with bags and bags of bits and pieces and change from £50, to perhaps buying only one or two special pieces from talented miniature artisans and no change at all from £100.  

I'm proud to say that my last doll's house, the Gothic Baronial Mansion didn't contain a single piece of tat.  I knew the maker of every single piece, from the delicate glass airtwist stem wine glasses, to the beautifully hand-carved linenfold panel wardrobe.  I learned to appreciate the skill and craftsmanship lavished on these tiny marvels, and assiduously sought out my favourite makers to admire their latest work.

A final few bastions of artisan fairs remain.  My personal favourite is the Thame Fair held in February (and not to be confused with the other Thame Fair later in the year)  where collectors can view the work of artisans not normally seen outside the portals of Miniatura or Kensington.  

Obviously both Miniatura and Kensington retain their reputation for top quality miniatures. They champion British artisans, showcasing new work and promoting the very best of miniature endeavour.

However, I have to say that at most other fairs these days, the vast majority of wares on show will have been mass-produced in the Far East, sometimes to not very exacting standards.  The exception to this is Bespaq, which thanks to the rigourous quality control of the owner, Pit Ginsberg, still maintains high standards.  However despite its quality, I wouldn't want to see stand after stand of the same Bespaq at fairs, no matter how wonderfully customised they might be.

Sadly, many well-known artisans are 'retiring' from miniatures.  Only this week, Sue Newstead of PastMastery announced that she intends to give up making her wonderful dummy boards, and her equally marvellous blog, which has a wealth of information on these enigmatic artifacts.

Miniature artisans spend endless amounts of time honing and polishing their skills, creating more and more accomplished pieces.  If we claimed even the minimum wage for all the hours we put into our work, it would be unaffordable.  No wonder then that increasing numbers of talented artisans are bowing out, unable to compete with the rising tide of imports.

The inevitable conclusion of this talent drain is that in time there will be no miniature artisans.  Why spend hours creating a tiny work of art when you can buy stuff in wholesale from China or Taiwan and sell it at 100% mark-up with no effort at all.

For those of us whose sole income stream is our miniature work, the writing is most definitely on the wall.  I think I have perfectly realistic expectations. I don't expect to be able to retire the Bahamas, but I do expect to be able to make a living, as I have done for the past 10 years, doing what I do best.  A job I (mostly) love.

Anyway, I'm going to give it till after the two fairs we have already booked, then take an informed decision on whether or not to continue making miniatures.


Saturday, 6 November 2010

Check lists, checklist............

As predicted, we didn't quite get everything sorted yesterday.  That's why I'm currently printing out dozens of our new leaflets and there are piles and piles of stock boxes everywhere.

On the plus side, there really isn't too much left to do, apart from ironing my clothes for tomorrow, doing some route planning and making our lunches.

I've perused the floor plan and marked the exhibitors whose stands I particularly want to visit.  We're right next to Beith Miniatures, with his gorgeous period furniture, much of which has incredibly fine marquetry inlays.  Also exhibiting is Victoria Fasken, whose handpainted dinner services have to be seen to be believed, plus the wondrous work of Annie Willis of Fine Design.

The fair is advertised as 95% British hand made so standards should be high, with the minimum of imported tat prevalent at so many fairs these days. Quite a few of the exhibitors aren't familiar to me so I'm looking forward to having a wander round to see who's who and what's what.

A full fair report will be forthcoming as soon as the dust has settled on Monday. 

Wish us luck.............

Upwardly mobile........?

Article on St. Leonards on Sea in today's Guardian.

Makes me proud to live here.............

Friday, 5 November 2010

It was a dark and stormy night.........

T'was blowing a gale last night.  Proper sturm and drang stuff.  Thought the roof was going to take off at one point.

I had also made the mistake of watching not one, but two horror films before going to sleep.  

As a result I was jolted awake in the early hours from a nightmare involving zombie vampires.  Naturally I was being relentlessly pursued by these hybrid horrors and obviously I couldn't run no matter how hard I tried.  My legs were filled with lead and my desperate attempts to escape were doomed to failure.

Not that running would have made any difference to my eventual fate, as my crazed brain had conjured zombie vampires that could fly.

I woke with a start, sitting bolt upright in bed, wide-eyed and gasping for breath as the realisation slowly dawned that a putrid zombie with manky fangs wasn't, in fact, just about to reach out with its decaying claws and grab me.......

Took me some time to get back to sleep after that one........

On a lighter note, yesterday I managed to complete a small batch of little rainbow ballerina toy dolls, which had been awaiting their tutus, wigs and headdresses for some time.
However that's all the 'making' I can accomplish before the fair on Sunday.  Today is all about packing up the myriad boxes, checking that all our twinkling stand lights work properly and generally making sure that everything is done and dusted.

Tomorrow is nominally set aside as a 'lazy day' so that I can hopefully charge my depleted batteries.  Naturally that won't happen as there will be loads of last minute stuff to do..... printing out our new leaflets, making signs and labels we've forgotten etc etc etc.

So, best go and get back to it.........


Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Panic stations.............

As is usual just a few days before a fair, there is an air of escalating panic permeating the air.

As is also usual, I'm hacking huge chunks off my 'to do' lists in the vain hope that what remains might possibly be achievable in the time remaining.

*hollow laugh*

I have nobody to blame but myself, so in addition to the rising panic, I am also suffused with a deep sense of guilt.

I've also been caught slightly on the hop by the Christmas issue of The Doll's House Magazine landing on subscriber's doormats already.  (You may remember, I had designed a special edition Christmas toy doll kit for them.)  I was only alerted to this by the first orders arriving this morning just in time to add to my escalating stress levels.

However, orders are undoubtedly A Good Thing, and after I'd finished printing out all the instruction booklets today I was finally disposed to see the positive side. 

So with just three days left before the Charmandean Fair at Worthing I am, in the words of Fagin, reviewing the situation.....

If you're going to be visiting the fair on Sunday (and with some very well known artisans exhibiting it would be well worth the trip) you can find us at Stand D3.  Do stop and say hello, or even better, buy things.

Sadly we can't take our business mascot, Small Dog, but she will be there in spirit.......  


Monday, 1 November 2010

Well you did ask........

I feel that this post should come with some sort of disclaimer.

You know the kind of thing........"cannot be held responsible"...."persons of a nervous disposition".... "at your own risk".........etc.

So, by popular demand, (and on your own heads be it.....) here are just a few of the photos of our Halloween Party at the weekend.

You have been warned.......