Monday, 24 September 2007


Have just spent a jolly hour deeply immersed in the mysteries of electricity.

Happily as it is of the 12v variety there is little chance of me ending up frizzled to a crisp.

However I am very adept at burning myself with either the soldering iron or hot solder, both of which are extremely hot!

Nevertheless, the front sections of the shop are now 'live' so the little coach lamps either side of the door, and the lights inside the bay windows are twinkling merrily so I am mightily pleased with my efforts.

I've even made a start on the cat's cradle of wires which run from the lit display cabinets and have installed some extra connection points so that I don't have to run wires from one room to another.

All in all, quite a satisfying episode, so if I can keep this up over the coming weeks it might..... just might, be finished by Christmas.

Woo and indeed hoo!

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