Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Ay Carumba.......

Surfacing today after several days of full-on nose to the grindstone.  

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Miniature Christmas Fayre over the weekend.  The last of the orders will be packaged today then I have to tackle the unholy mess that is the workroom.  

There are boxes everywhere, drifts of tissue paper, bubble wrap, and all the associated paraphernalia of order packaging.  Not to mention all the stuff related to our two online sessions, which were a useful test of the technology.  We had 'visitors' from as far afield as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Germany, Netherlands, Australia and the US, most of whom got to meet Small Dog in person!

Speaking of Small Dog, the rest of her dressing is now off, revealing her stitches in all their gory glory.  I will forbear posting photos just in case anyone has an over-sensitive gag reflex.

I'm also aware that Christmas is inching inexorably closer.... houses up our road are sprouting illuminated reindeer on their front lawns, flashing icicles hanging from their roofs and 8 foot Christmas trees in their sitting rooms.  

So far we have one, lone card performing the function of Christmas decorations.  I can't quite muster the energy or enthusiasm to drag all the boxes of stuff down from the loft but I suppose I'll have to do it before the weekend.  When I was a child (and even when my children were little) we used to put up the decorations ONE WEEK before Christmas Day.  

These days it's not unusual to see domestic decorations in situ in November, which rather takes the shine off it as far as I'm concerned.

Better go and get on before I come over all Bah Humbug.......


Robin said...

Congrats on your super fair...clearing up....Oh leave it and get yourself a reindeer for the front lawn! ROFL

Sandra Morris said...


Just walked up our road with Small Dog and overnight reindeer have sprung up on several more lawns.