Monday, 3 December 2012

Is it Monday again already......?

Is it just me or do Mondays come round with increasing regularity?  It seems only 10 minutes since last Monday.

Plus we're now in full freefall towards Christmas.  Over the weekend we saw lots of people outside their houses, struggling up ladders, wrestling with huge rolls of lights or gigantic inflatable reindeer.

When I were a lass, Christmas decorations went up the weekend before.  This current mania for doing it right at the beginning of December mystifies me.  Part of the charm of Christmas trees and festive decorations is their novelty.  Putting them up so early means that by Christmas everyone has grown so used to them that they're hardly even noticed.  And surely even the most effective 'no needle drop' real trees are almost completely bare by Christmas Eve!

I'm trying to ignore the whole thing for at least another few weeks, although, having said that, we're going to a Christmas lunch this week so maybe not......

In other news, Small Dog eventually performed her duties beautifully on Saturday, drawing the winner in our Miniature Christmas November Giveaway.  

Also at the weekend I posted a free how-to tutorial to make a sweet little Santa Marotte Toy.  If you're very quick you can snap up a kit to make it from the website HERE, although we only have a few left and I won't be making any more!

This week I have loads of things I SHOULD be doing, but it's going to be difficult to tear myself away from La Mignonette, especially as the wallpapers arrived on Saturday which means I could be getting on with the internal and external decor.  However, I'll try to be good and reward myself with one hour on the shop build only after I've completed 3 hours of proper creative work (that's NOT including paperwork, packing orders etc.)  This would neatly split my working days into clearly defined morning and afternoon sessions and would clearly be A Good Thing for my frankly wishy-washy work ethic at the moment.

Having said that, I've been hit by some lightning bolt ideas lately, which I'm itching to get started on.  Nothing like a bit of research and development to get the creative juices flowing.....

Onwards and upwards......

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