Monday, 23 September 2013

Light at the end of the tunnel......

Almost another two weeks since my last post.  This is getting to be a habit.

In my defence, I can truthfully plead mitigating circumstances, what with the ongoing house works plus a few days away for PP's birthday. Encouragingly, there is just the faintest glimmer of a potential possibility that things might get back to what passes for normal later this week.

I'm not holding my breath though.

Despite the chaos pervading the house, I have managed (just) to keep on top of orders, and have even made some inroads into clearing the outstanding commissions on order, so it's not all bad.  However by this point in September I should be well into preparations for the Christmas sale period, and this year I'm well behind.

And by 'well behind' I mean 'haven't even started'.


So with just a week of September remaining, and trying hard to keep a rising note of panic out of my voice, I've called a THD management team meeting for lunchtime today.

Small Dog has been on extended sick leave since mid August, and has already sent her apologies for absence.  Apparently she has a poorly leg and 'Pee Aitch'.  Personally I think she's just swinging the Pb.

Predictably, she has invoked worker's rights and is insisting on full pay despite not having lifted a paw since August.  When I countered that entitlement to worker's rights was dependent on said worker carrying out some semblance of 'work' she just gave me one of her hard stares and muttered something about seeking 'yewnyon repreesentashun'.  This is rich coming from someone who thinks the TUC is a form of savoury biscuit, but I let it pass.

Her period of sick leave expires at the end of this month and she assures me she'll be fighting fit by then.  There's a definite glint in her eye which I suspect has something to do with her ongoing quest for Employee of the Month award......

In other news, today we will yet again be emptying the sitting room in preparation for the new carpet which is due to be fitted tomorrow.  We're hoping it won't rain, as our 'new' sofa and armchairs will have to go out on the patio while it's being done.  

The fitting of the carpet will mark a turning point in our renovations, as once it's down we can relocate all the stuff currently stored in the dining room.  Which in turn will mean that we can relocate all the dining room stuff currently stored in the small bedroom. There are still a number of small jobs to be completed, but it will be lovely to have downstairs returned to some semblance of normality after months of disruption.

Let's hope that the light at the end of this particular tunnel doesn't turn out to be an oncoming train......!

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