Sunday, 2 November 2014

Wonders in Miniature Online Show!

The second Wonders in Miniature online show is now live over this weekend and you can view our dealer page HERE.

For the past few days I've been busy making miniature Victorian Christmas illuminated toy theatres. 

The theatre is made from wood with high quality printed proscenium arch and 5 separate layers of scenery and characters inside to give a 3-dimensional effect.

A Victorian family is making preparations on Christmas Eve, decorating the tree while their children play and even their pet dog and cat join in the celebrations.

Internally the theatre is lit with a 'grain of rice' 12V bulb, which can be connected via a plug into a doll's house lighting system. When lit the theatre emits a lovely festive glow and looks lovely in any Christmas-themed setting.

Priced at £25 I can take commission orders for a few more in advance of my Christmas order cut-off date of 15th November. Please contact me  if you wish to order one.

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