Saturday, 14 November 2015

Christmas Survival Kit.....

As Christmas edges ever closer, it has come to my attention that alternative Advent Calenders are a thing.

Forget chocolate calendars, or the ones with sweeties in.  There is a whole new genre of Advent Calenders, or as I prefer to call them.... Christmas Survival Kits.

I am totally up for doing one of these.

But I will wrap each bottle in tissue paper and randomise the numbers so we never know what we're getting.

I might tie a little Christmas decoration around each bottle to further Christmasify it.

Anyway, on FB my post seems to have galvanised a movement amongst women who might view the countdown to Christmas as....what shall I say... a bit of a bugger?

So, if you're up for it, we're all going to post photos of our own Advent Calendar in the guise of a Christmas Survival Kit.

If you're in, say YAYYY!

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