Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Duvet Day Plus......

Yet another hospital appointment this morning, which I wasn't too worried about as I (wrongly) supposed that it would be an initial consultation with a cursory examination to determine the necessity for further tests, which would be booked for a future date.

It feels as though most of my internal plumbing has been in crisis over the past few months, and I've been pricked, poked, perused, prodded and probed via a variety of orifices, none of which were designed for the purpose.

However, in the event, I had the whole kit and caboodle today, with no warning, and, more importantly, no sedation or pain relief.

I'll spare you the gory details, but my yelps and cries were clearly heard in the waiting room just outside, which was, of course, full to overflowing.  When I'd recovered sufficiently to clamber off the examination table and hobble painfully through the door, every pair of eyes followed my progress and I'm sure several of the waiting women blanched in sympathy.

Word to the wise girls, if you ever need an endometrial biopsy, either INSIST on adequate pain relief or self medicate well in advance.

If push comes to shove you could resort to gin.  It may not alleviate the pain but you might not mind it so much.  If only I'd known......

The only good thing about the whole episode is that at least it's over.  

PP has, as always, been a ministering angel.... made me a little bed on the sofa, supplied painkillers, two hot water bottles and a lovely lunch. Small Dog immediately made herself at home on a cushion next to me, and hasn't moved all day.

Thankfully, the post-procedural pain is now under control and I'm feeling a bit more relaxed.  Spending time in the workroom hasn't really been an option today but this afternoon, on the sofa, I've been gainfully employed trying to get to grips with a new computer software program while watching old films on the TV.

As a distraction technique I'd give it 8/10.  


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