Sunday, 31 January 2016

March Online Show Workshop.........

This year's March Mini Miniature Show will take place from 17-20th March, and as before I am offering a workshop pack.

I'm currently working on a new series of circus-themed toy dolls, games and pullalong toys so my workshop this time is a set of four vintage lithograph style pullalong toys.

The invention of chromolithography (colour printing on paper) in the 19th century, opened up a whole world of possibilities and heralded a new way to produce children’s toys and games.  The undisputed ‘Kings of Chromolithography’ were the McLoughlin Brothers of New York, whose beautiful games, books and toys were a joy to behold.
My set of circus pullalongs is inspired by the wonderful lithograph printed toys of the late 19th century and features four precision cut, double-sided animals - elephant, zebra, giraffe and camel, each standing on a colourfully decorated wooden base with fixed wheels and silk cord pull.

Perfect for a 1/12th scale nursery, playroom or toy shop

Evocative of the lithographed toys of the late 19th century

The giraffe is 1  1/12" tall

Only slightly taller than a thimble!

The workshop pack contains all the materials you need to complete these toys, including a step-by-step fully illustrated instruction booklet.  You only need scissors and glue!
US $15 plus international shipping $6.50
Euro €13 plus international shipping 5.00
UK£10 plus P&P £2.50
Payment by PayPal.

To order, or for further information please email me and don’t forget to let me know your country of residence so that I can add the correct shipping cost 

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Nono said...

So cute circus animals!!! Very well done!