Friday, 10 March 2017

Mini Miniature Show....!

The online March Mini Miniature Show is now live and open for business.  This time there are 50 international artisans showcasing their miniature wares, as well as several workshop offerings, including one from yours truly.

Fairyland Toy Theatre Kit...

.... complete with full cast of characters!
All of my new Red Riding Hood kits are featured on my dealer page, which can be found HERE!

Show orders over £20 (excluding shipping) will qualify for a free gift and for the duration of the show we are happy to combine shipping on orders from the show and website.

FREE Dress Up Kitty Kit with orders over £20!
Meanwhile, on my desk, a small pack of wolves is milling around while I complete the last of the travelling toy theatre kits.  I didn't notice at the time but one of their number seems a bit out of place.

Smallest Small Dog: *whispering*  Pssstt!  Mumm!
Me: *engrossed in work* Hmmmm?
SSD: *slightly panicky* Eckskews me...  helllow.  I'm down here!  *frantically waves a paw*
Me:  Blimey.... what are you doing there?
SSD:  Tryen knott to get ett.  Kan yue koll them off plees?
Me:  *reassuringly* You'll be fine SSD.  They are very amenable wolves.  I wouldn't be using them in my kits otherwise.
SSD: Butt thay ar starten to sirckle and surownd me.....
Me: I thought you were descended from wolves and that they held no fear for a dog of your calibre.
SSD: *blustering* Wel yes.... of korse.  Wolfs ar mai bretheren.  Mai woolf naim is "Smorl Dogg Who Runs Reelie Fast"
Me: Is it.  Is it indeed.  Hmmm.  


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