Monday, 17 April 2017

To destiny... and beyond.

And so... here we are again.

Another birthday looms large on the horizon next week and it's one of the crappier ones.  
Not a happy, clappy, milestone birthday with all the celebratory hoo-hah that accompanies one with a zero on the end.  I'm not a fan of odd years either, especially when the number involved ends in a nine.

Fifty nine. *sigh*  Doesn't even roll off the tongue.  It's a number with no panache.  No chutzpah. No finesse.

Of course, reaching 59 means that technically, I'll be in the final year of my sixth decade. Which means that next year I'll be entering my seventh decade.  Put like that it's a bit scary.
A few years ago, a fellow Blogger had a big birthday and a friend sent him a card which read "Hey! It's Your Birthday!!!!.... Another Year Closer To The Nameless Terrors Of the Grave!"
At the time I thought that was hilariously funny, as it appealed to my dark sense of humour.
I'm not finding it quite so funny now though.

If successive governments hadn't shafted us 1950's women I'd have been looking forward to retiring next year, the worry, stress and uncertainties of self-employment no longer an issue. As it stands, when I reach my 60th birthday next year I'll still have another SIX FULL YEARS of work, before I can hang up my dollmaking apron.

Still.... it's not all bad.  I do mostly love what I do.  It would just be nice to have less financial uncertainty, and spend a few years completely enjoying my craft, rather than constantly worrying about it.

So... anyway.   You might remember last Christmas I posted about my plans for this year

Periodically I check the countdown timer on my laptop, which ticks down the days, minutes and seconds till my 60th.  It's currently showing 370 days.  Which is the length of time I've allotted to take control of my working destiny.

So... Sandra, how's it going?

Well.... to be honest, slowly.  Plans are gradually forming and coalescing, morphing and taking shape.  Aside from work, other things are happening... long overdue works in the house, a gradual, inexorable de-cluttering, re-organising and downsizing.

I'm making lists.

And lists of lists.

And.... Stuff. Is. Getting. Done.

So.... Fifty Nine?  Bring it on.  


Alexandra Martinez said...

Can we say 60s are the new 30s or 40s? You have made me think. Let´s just think that age is only a number. I am 47 but in my mind I feel no different than 30 or so, I bet you feel something similar. In the end life is uncertain and we must live it today. I wish you the best. Happy 60s :).

By the way the photo is hilarious!

Robin said... birthday is the same week, and trust me, from where I'm sitting 59 is positively youthful!!!!!!!

rosanna said...

59 ???
your post made me remind of when I got 45 and I was horrified !
45 seemed so close to 50 and to wreckage !!! That very year I travelled so much around Europe and Asia, met people from Tasmania and New Zealand and I met so many gorgeous, charming, smart ladies in their 50s that I nearly got jealous of them.
The fear of 50 was gone !
This year it was my round number birthday and I feel so good that I would like to shout it in front of everyone ;)
So what happens next ? give me another 10 years and I shall happy dance at my 60 year party !
Nonetheless whenever I look at my self in a mirror I get shocked: I do look so much like my Mum that I am afraid, I still feel 16 !!! :D