Sunday, 3 September 2017


Three days into September and already we've had two seasons.  

Yesterday was lovely.... clear, blue skies, warm but not too hot... a perfect summer's day.
Today is much cooler, with a definite autumnal feel and overcast skies.  The evenings are noticeably drawing in... it's almost dark at 8pm.  

There are just 4 months left of this year and my self-imposed deadline, which back in April seemed eminently achievable, is starting to look a little tight.  It's my own fault, I've fiddled and faffed around all summer and now I'm starting to panic.

It's simple really..... Just. Get. On. With. It.  I need to stop making excuses and buckle down to some seriously focussed hard work.  I have one commission on my desk at the moment which should be finished this week then I really, REALLY need to get my head around a work schedule which I can stick to.

Well that's the plan.  My helpful desktop timer informs me that I have 231 days until my deadine, which feels like oceans of time, but of course, the days will slip through my fingers like grains of sand and before I know it I'll have two weeks left and still no further forward.

So, I'm going to take a bit of a run at things and see if I can take control.....

What could possibly go wrong?


Megan Wallace said...

I know that feeling!
Set yourself a hundred day goal.
The latest one just started, you can still join in. It's free, I've done it before and am doing it this time as well. It really works!

Sandra Morris said...

Wow.... thanks for sharing this Megan.

I do seem to work better/smarter in a mildly competitive atmosphere... having to account to someone/something other than me.

I've signed up for the 100 day goal programme and have discovered Trello, which for serial list-makers like me is perfect. I know I need to break down the HUGE PROJECT into bite-sized chunks so the ability to coordinate separate project boards sounds like a good idea.

I've joined their FB page and am looking forward to my weekly newsletter which I solemnly promise to actually read rather than file away in my "Read at Some Point (Probably Never)" email file.

If I can achieve even half of my goal in 100 days that would be wonderful.

What is your project? Did you complete the one you did before?

Megan Wallace said...

In my previous goal, I wanted to increase the monthly turnover in my business. One of those things I'd been moaning about for years, but never sat down and made a plan of action. Following the 100day goal, by doing some small sensible things, I managed to reach my turnover target, in a way that is (hopefully) permanent. I'm over the moon!
During the current 100DG, I'm sorting out the chaos in my studio. I've been saying that I need to get it done for half my life, but it seemed like such a daunting task. I've accumulated and stashed so many things that trying to assemble materials for a project, or packing an order takes hours or days. I realize that if I want to further expand my business, I need to be waaaay more organized. So sorting out and getting systems in place is what this goal is about. Because this goal still feels like a mountain I have to climb even after breaking it down into bite sized chunks, I'm giving myself rewards for good behaviour. I've started building a dollhouse, and am allowed to work on it every evening when I've done my micro action.
I hope all this blather is helpful to you in some way. Just try to stick with the 100DG. I'm cheering you on!

Sandra Morris said...

Now you mention it, I probably need another 100 Day Goal to deal with my workroom downsizing. It is sort of running alongside my current one though so I expect it will all come good in the end.
I do like the idea of rewards, aside from the incredibly rewarding colouring in of my star chart. Plus I too have a doll's house project I want to start, so I could neatly dovetail the two things.
But mostly, nothing galvanises me into (usually belated) action quite like a deadline.