Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The grapes of wrath......

We seem to have a creature living in one of the spare bedrooms upstairs.  

First you smell it. As soon as you open the door you notice that there is a definite twang in the air.  It's not unpleasant but it's quite strong.

Then you see it.

Crouched on the floor like a little homonculus, wearing a jacket and sporting a jaunty flannel cravat.

Then you hear it.... bubbling and gurgling.  Occasionally spitting and spluttering.

We keep going in to observe it, marvelling at the activity of this new arrival and checking that it isn't getting up to anything shady.  

It's PP's baby really, and she's tending to it lovingly.  Checking its temperature and adjusting its clothing. Mopping up any leakage and whispering encouragement.  

Apparently, in a week's time, it will give birth to 30 bottles of Sauvignon Blanc.  
I have to admit I'm a tad sceptical, but so long as it's quaffable I'll reserve judgement. 

Best case scenario is we'll get our sight back after two days.


Karin F. said...

Having just sold all my wine making equipment, after 5 yrs of usage, I can just about guarantee...without actually being there... that your wine will turn out lovely. I should add tho that straight after bottling it will not be as good as another 3 months later.
BTW I now make my wine at a wine making company; less issues with dates for this, filtering for that...etc.

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Karin.... we're going to give it three months to 'mature' ;)