Sunday, 2 November 2014

Never say never......

In April 2012, I stoutly declared that I was about to embark on my last ever doll's house build.

I even blogged about it....... HERE.

But now, 2  1/2 years on, I have a niggly naggly feeling that I am teetering on the brink of yet another project.

So I am now on the horns of a miniature dilemma, best illustrated by the following exchange.

Picture the scene.  It is a wet and windy Sunday afternoon, and Sandra is sitting by the fire, watching an old film on TV, idly browsing through her Facebook groups.  Eventually she comes across a photo of a new doll's house shop kit, which leads her to a website, where she discovers another..... and an idea which had been forming in her head for several weeks began to crystallise.


Out of the ether materialises two little creatures.  On Sandra's right shoulder sits a little angel, elegant and graceful with a serene, angelic smile.  On her left, a little impish devil, edgy and dishevelled, with a petulant, mischievous expression.

After a few moments, the angel floats serenely down and sits, perfectly balanced on top of Sandra's laptop screen.  She is closely  followed by the devil, swooping and whooping and doing loop-de-loops before slamming into then scrabbling onto the laptop screen at the opposite side.

Sandra:  "Oh.  Hello you two.  I think I can guess why you're here."

Angel  : "I expect you do.  We're anthropomorphic representations to illustrate your inner turmoil and conflict"

Devil: (pulling a face) "Ooohhh.... listen to Miss La Dee Dah.  No sh*t Sherlock?!   (sniffs) Wotcha Sandra..... how's it hangin'?"

Angel: (raises one perfect eyebrow and shakes her pretty head)

Devil: (taking no notice and swinging her legs over the screen, drumming her heels and swinging her forked tail)  "So..... which one are you going to have?  Go on.... you know you want to".

Sandra: " Well..... I really don't think I should.  I said I wouldn't......"

Angel: " You don't really have the room for one do you?  Or the time to work on it...?"

Sandra: " Well.... no.  Not really."

Devil: (picking her nose and flicking it at Angel)  "Oh push off nifty knickers.  We ALL know she's going to have one.  It's purely a question of which one."

Angel: (showing just a hint of exasperation) "For goodness sake.  We wouldn't be here if she'd already decided what to do.  We're here to help.  Or at least I am."

Devil: (sulkily) " Hmmm.  Alright.  Go on then.  Produce your arguments."

Sandra:  (hesitantly) "Well... you know.  I don't NEED a doll's house kit.  I said I wouldn't do another.  And I don't really have the space.  Or the time, when I should be working..... and....." (falters to a halt)

Angel: (dusting off her wings and preparing to leave) "Good.  That's decided then.  Well done Sandra.  Temptation denied".

Devil: " Hold on Sparky.  It's not over till the wassname sings.  So, you don't NEED a doll's house kit.  Nobody NEEDS a doll's house kit do they?  So you said you wouldn't do another.... well promises are made to be broken, and anyway, who did you promise?  Only yourself so that doesn't count".
 (warming to her theme and striding up and down along the top of the screen, thumbs tucked in her cape collar)
 "So you don't have the space.  You could MAKE the space.  It's not that big.  Move those storage boxes around and hey presto.  So you  should be working.  Work shmurk.  All work and no play makes no sense. makes work for idle hands.
I rest my case m'lud......"

Sandra:  "Well..... I suppose I could.  I mean it's not a big kit and I could probably squeeze it in somewhere.  And it would be fun.  I've got so many ideas for it.  And life's too short for what ifs and could've, should've, would've.....  we should all seize the day, take the bull by the horns, take pleasure in small things....."

But nobody is listening.  The little devil has taken run at the angel and they're wrestling and tussling around, the air ringing with the most un-angelic language till they both disappear in puffs of red and white smoke.


Michelle said...

That pesky Devil!!!! I have the same dilemmas often, too often! Lol Tell the Devil that you're gonna sleep on it and then some more. When you've slept on it, then decide. That said, you can't beat a new project, no matter the size. There's always 1/48th scale?

I'm staying strong though, till after Christmas at least. ;o)) xx

Sandra Morris said...

Yes Michelle..... I'll think about it. If I can't find room for it then I won't.
Couldn't cope with doing the whole thing in 1/48th though!
Good luck with your staying strong ;) Sx

Irene said...

Go on! You know you want to!