Thursday, 19 February 2015

More things in boxes......

Following a difficult 10 days (dental woes are STILL rumbling on!) it's been lovely to get back into my workroom this week and immerse myself in doing something creative again.

I currently have several commission orders as 'work in progress' on my desk, including a new French-style Mignonette doll box, which is shaping up beautifully, as well as several little china toy dolls and toy theatres, so I'm adopting my normal 'creative chaos' work mode.

I didn't put anything on Ebay last week, but this week I have listed a little Alice in Wonderland miniature Jack-in-the-Box featuring the March Hare......

 lso completed this week and scheduled to go on the website tomorrow are these traditional Mr Punch Jack-in-the-Box toys.

In other news, I've booked to exhibit at the online Mini Miniature Show next month (full details to follow nearer the time) and will be offering a workshop session, as well as showcasing several brand new toys and toy dolls.

It's all GO here.......!

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