Thursday, 19 February 2015

If it ain't broke.....

Sometimes I despair.  I really do.

Etsy, in its infinite wisdom, has re-jigged its categories, and artisan miniatures are now lumped into the Toys and Games category.

This is madness.

Even though I would describe myself as a toymaker, my miniatures are most definitely NOT intended for children.  They are intended for adult collectors.

This idiocy change will apply to everyone who makes and sells scale miniatures on Etsy, from furniture all the way through to tiny accessories.  I make it as clear as possible to potential buyers that my toys are not suitable for children but surely having them listed under Toys & Games is sheer folly.   Heaven help the first poor miniaturist who finds themselves at the sharp end of a law suit due to a child choking to death on their miniature. 

I have removed all the listings from my Etsy shop pending clarification of whether they intend to re-instate a specific category for handmade miniatures.  If not then I suppose the only other feasible alternative is Art and Collectibles, although there is no suitable sub-category.


Come on Etsy..... do the sensible thing and create a stand-alone category for doll's houses and scale miniatures for the many, MANY miniature makers who support your site.

We may all make small things, but trust me, THEY'RE NOT TOYS!

*rant over*


Jennifer said...

Is it ridiculous. I don't know how many times the point has been argued about miniatures NOT being TOYS but every so often they switch things around and stick them back in there again.

The worst thing is that there isn't another suitable category to put them in.

I barely list anything on Etsy now but for those that get a lot of sales through Etsy is is a big headache.

Karin F. said...

Sandra I think most people now either sell on fb shop or thru a fb marketplace group.
check out 'Dollhouse Miniature Market Place'. After that the only other sales place is eBay & I'm not sure how good that is either.
hugs K

Sandra Morris said...

Admittedly, I don't mainly sell through Etsy, but it's a useful extra sales outlet in addition to my website and my weekly Ebay listing.

I think that Etsy is now getting a lot of flak for this particular change so hopefully they will amend their category structure.

Samantha Murray said...

I've had my shop on Etsy for over 5 years and have done pretty well with it but these new changes have ruined everything. The way they have lumped miniatures together with no sub-categories under toysis a total diaster. I have sent them a scathing email about this but have not heard anything back from them. So...I guess it's time for me to move on. I just opened a new shop on It is linked to my Etsy shop so I can hopefully make a smooth transition as I phase out Etsy.