Wednesday, 15 July 2015

In other news.....

I had an exciting parcel delivery today.....

Yayyy..... the wonderful kits for my 'Atelier des Poupées' workshop have arrived!

When assembled, they look like this, ready to be transformed into a dollmaker's workshop, filled with all manner of lovely dollmaking themed miniatures.

I'd originally intended to schedule this workshop for the autumn, but as the list of included miniatures keeps growing, and with three other sessions to prepare, I've decided to run it early in the New Year instead.

This will be a challenging session and requires careful planning with military precision.  I was just thinking that I could do with some help when who should appear to offer her services as Project Manager....?

None other than Smallest Small Dog and her faithful sidekick, Archimedes

Before I could gather my wits to say "Thanks, but no thanks" they were already checking out the vignette with a view to taking up the position.

SSD even had the foresight to bring her dish and lunch with her, although predictably things began to go downhill fairly swiftly when Archimedes stole her gravy bone and scampered up onto a shelf.


Their antics as erstwhile 'helpers' when I was building La Mignonette were anything but helpful but SSD is difficult to dissuade and I left her measuring up and muttering about rag-rolled vermilion walls teamed with eau-de-nil curtains.  I'm not sure where she got her interior decor qualifications but the term 'lucky bag' springs to mind.

I can foresee insurmountable artistic differences ahead........


Shelly Norris said...

It looks like it will be lovely when finished.;.

Hopefully you won't have TOO much help.


Sandra Morris said...

Hmmm..... she is VERY determined and almost impossible to dissuade!