Monday, 7 September 2015

In the zone..... but not in a good way

I have finally completed all of the workshop packs for the Everything Alice one day workshop on 26th September.

Which is a cause for celebration.

So woohoo!

There are still a few bits and pieces to do for the session itself but to all intents and purposes I'm finished.

Which is why the workroom looks like a right guddle.  Admittedly, this is not an unusual state of affairs and I generally find that a bit of creative chaos is good for the soul.

However, no matter how much I try to put a positive spin on it, it's gone beyond the point where even I can defend the mess. 

Which means it's time for another sort out, clear out, reorganise and tidy up session.


I've decided to start with the area known as 'Under The Big Desk', for no other reason than I haven't been under there for a while and have absolutely no idea what I might find.  The big desk measures 1m x 1.22m so there's a lot of space underneath for 'stuff'. 
My sewing machine lives under there, as does the big box of fair stuff (lights, packaging materials, paper bags, cash box etc etc etc)  And packed in and around is all manner of other stuff too big or outlandish to fit in any of the cupboards.

It's so congested under there that I can no longer sit straight on to my side of the desk as there's no room for my feet.  I have to sit sort of sideways and put my feet up on top of the sewing machine cover.


I know *shamefaced look*

That is clearly a ridiculous state of affairs and needs to be rectified toot sweet.

Here's what it looks like right now, before I start hoiking stuff out.

That's just the front bit.  It continues in a similar vein at the sides and back.  I'm going to have to get right under there and I'm a bit worried that there might be a secret portal to an alternative dimension as stuff regularly disappears under there, never to be seen again.

Perhaps I should tie a bit of rope around what I fondly call my waist and get Small Dog to hold the other end, in case I need to be pulled out.

However, as I was discussing this with her she pointed out that she was due her post-lunch mid-afternoon pre-dinner nap so I was on my own.


It has occurred to me that this is just the kind of scenario that used to crop up on The Twilight Zone....... 

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