Tuesday, 8 September 2015

When the going gets tough......

The workroom has looked like a bomb site all day.

I blame myself.

Clearing out the area 'Under The Big Desk' seemed like a good idea at the time.

Admittedly, Under The Desk is now more or less empty.  Should she take the notion, Small Dog could now walk right under it and do laps right round the cupboard, as in days of yore.

The problem is that all the stuff from Under The Desk is now piled on top of it. 
And across the floor, and on every other horizontal surface.
I have liberated approximately 1 cubic metre of space and spread everything which had filled that space over an area of approximately 5 square metres.

However, in doing so I have rediscovered lots of 'Good Stuff' including a pack which contained some lovely vintage 50's style fabrics.

So with the workroom in complete chaos, and with nary a nanomillimetre of free space anywhere, here's a question for you.

What did Sandra do next?

A. Carry on with the task of finding homes for all the dispossessed stuff from Under The Desk.

B.  Sit on the floor and burst into tears.

C.  Quietly close the door and sneak into the kitchen for a cup of tea and a Kit Kat.

D. Sweep everything onto the floor and make some bunting.

Correct answer - D

It was a no-brainer really. 

For some reason I am completely in love with making bunting.  It's properly lined and sewn and everything.  There's something really cathartic and soothing about measuring, cutting, pinning, sewing, turning, sewing and ending up with something which evokes memories of a simpler time.

Here it is in situ in the downstairs cloakroom.

Of course having done that, the temptation then, on returning to the workroom, was to do either B or C and it was a damn close run thing I can tell you.

However,  A won out and I spent the rest of the morning, and all of this afternoon sorting out the mess I'd made while simultaneously making a mess in previously mess-free areas.

What can I say.... it's a rare and special talent.

Another discovery Under The Desk was a stash of stripwood, which should have been in the stripwood box.  However, when I dragged the stripwood box out of the cupboard the stripwood was all over the show and muddled up.  

So I had to sort it all out.
And measure it.
And label it.
And lo I did feel good......

So, the clearout continues.  Who knows what else I may discover, hidden in the recesses of the most inaccessible cupboards.  

The lost treasure of the Sierra Madre perhaps.  Or Higgs Boson's younger brother Stanley who up till now has proved even more elusive than his famous sibling.

Unless I find more tempting fabric.

When the going gets tough, the tough make bunting......


DollMum said...

Bravo, I like the approach - who says tidying and sorting should be done in a strict order with no rewards along the way. You have achieved a lot of sorting and tidying as well as being creative with bunting, so more productive than you think.

rosanna said...

You make me think f my closet... I cannot even walk inside it... I am afraid of starting tidying it up, I might not get alive out of there ....