Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Pier pressure......

Another piece of Hastings history unfolded this morning with the re-opening of our iconic pier.  With the official opening a month away, it's still a work in progress, and the main Visitor Centre and several of the kiosks will be opening over the next few weeks.

PP and I were down there before the early, as we had special access in order to install our display shelf in the newly opened Hastings Handicraft kiosk, on the west side of the pier.
It was the culmination of a fairly frantic few days, trying to design and build an easily removable perspex front to deter small, sticky fingers and protect the miniatures from being scattered to the four winds by any strong gusts, as the kiosk front is open to the elements.

Who knew there were so many different types/grades/specifications of clear plastic sheeting?  Not to mention fixtures and fittings for attaching it to things.  Then of course it had to be painted then prettified.  It went right to the wire last night in advance of the opening this morning, and we heaved a huge sigh of relief when our protective front fitted perfectly into the shelf opening with micro-millimetres to spare.  It shouldn't blow over and will hopefully provide protection whilst allowing easy access.

I'll be refreshing and updating our display each week and completely changing it every month, so if you're in Hastings over the summer do pop along to the pier and have a look.

Tower House Dolls display of diminutive dolls and tiny toys

From the west side of the pier towards St. Leonards

Reclaimed wood from the old pier has been used to clad the Visitor Centre

BBC film crew and interviewer

Rickshaw rides round the pier and along the promenade


rosanna said...

I have never been in Hastings even though I have been close to it a few times but I have fond memories of Brighton Palace Pier where I was in far 1982 (ugh, this hurts ...)
It was my first time in UK, I was 15 and the pier looked widely exotic to me.
It also reminded me of a very old movie starring Alec Guinness as a seasick captain, All at sea was the title, and it made me laugh when I watched it when I was a child. It was difficult for me to imagine a pier since there are not in Italy and seeing one in real was pretty shocking.
I'd certainly love to come and admire your work
I wish you a good day tomorrow, Rosanna

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Rosanna.... yes, seaside piers seem to be a British institution. I haven't come across one anywhere else! Sx