Friday, 3 June 2016

That Friday feeling........

Considering that Monday was a Bank Holiday, and therefore the working week has been foreshortened, it's somehow felt longer than normal.  Which perhaps explains a sort of 'end of term' feeling in the workroom today.

See what I mean.....?

My creative muse has 'done one' and been awol for the past while so I've been tackling a selection of non-creative tasks which require no great concentration, inspiration or dedication to complete.

Such as...

I've had a pile of boxes of dolls and doll limbs awaiting assembly for ages.  Dozens and dozens of assorted tiny, wee dolls, armless and legless.  The stringing process is both time-consuming and relatively mindless.   Over time the mechanical, repetitive motions become calming and soothing.  

Thread, pull, tie, cut, pull, seal.
Thread, pull, tie, cut, pull, seal
Thread, pull, tie, cut, pull, seal

Like a balm for the troubled mind.

I've been a bit down in the dumps lately. 
Feeling blue
In the doldrums
Dose of the glums


It happens.  
To almost everyone at some time or other I expect.  
Having been here before I know that the feelings will pass and I will eventually emerge into the sunlight again.

Until that time I'm taking small pleasures in being able to complete tasks which require no great effort of thought while I await equilibrium.

Meanwhile, my newly strung dolls take advantage of their mobility to get up to high jinks with Smallest Small Dog, Archimedes and their new friend Peter. 
Perhaps their exuberant shenanigans might just pass that Friday feeling on to me! 

Archimedes regales the company with songs from HMS Pinafore

Peter struggles to get the hang of Hide & Seek

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