Tuesday, 1 May 2018

All play and no work....

As penance for being such a sybarite for the duration of my birthday week, I'm atoning by tackling two of the most despised and unpleasant business-related tasks.... our annual accounts and a mega batch of soft cleaning.

Of the two, the soft cleaning is infinitely preferable, despite it causing me to lose the will to live.  I started yesterday.... possibly the coldest, most miserable April day in the history of ever, so I was on a hiding to nothing right from the get-go.

Oh it all starts well enough.  Nice hot water for the soft-cleaning bit, the initial enthusiasm for tackling a very necessary task, the determination to see it though and do the best job possible.

But after a while, the nice hot water goes lukewarm, then tepid, and because it happens so gradually I don't really notice until I stop for a break and suddenly realise that my hands are FREEZING COLD! 

And husky.

As in 'dessicated husk' not the dog or the smouldering sexy voice.


Scene: Sandra is at her laptop, composing a long overdue blog post about the vagaries and discomforts of soft-cleaning.  She becomes aware of a small, furry presence staring intently at the laptop screen.

Small Dog: *emphatically* Butt... ai DO absewlootlie hav a smolldurring secksy vois.
Me:*dismissively* Not when you're barking your silly head off up the garden you haven't.
SD: *suspiciously* And whotts this abowt a husckie.  Hav yue bean konsorten with uthr dogs.  Ai hav warrnd yue befour abowt thatt.....
Me: *mollifyingly* I most certainly have not been consorting with other dogs SD....Oh light of my life.
SD:*unmollified* Harrumph.... ai am knott so shure.  Yue oftin kum hoam smellen of strainj dogs.  Ai am knott stewpid yue kno.
Me:  Perish the thought SD.  You are my only and bestest dog in the world.
SD: *settling back down in her basket* Hmmm. Yess.... gude thing too! 

So, anyway.... soft cleaning.  Horrid job *shudder*

Annual accounts *sigh* also a horrid job, involving a tsunami of receipts and invoices which all have to be inspected and corralled into envelopes then all the numbers are laboriously entered into my 'idiot-proof' Excel spreadsheeet and jiggled until they all add up. 

It generally takes an entire day just to get organised to do it... necessitating clearing off the dining table so that I can spread everything out into neat piles, remembering to leave a clear space so that I can repeatedly bang my head on it when the figures refuse to reconcile, which is a depressingly regular occurrence. 

So yes... my week is shaping up just fine and dandy thanks.


Megan Wallace said...

Yargh. Good luck with the cleaning and the paperwork. I started a new 100 Day Goal yesterday. Operation office beautify. But before I can revamp anything, I need to find my desk which has been snowed under a pile of papers for a few months... Every time I manage to clear it, I promise myself I will stay on top of it and not allow such a build-up again. Never happens.
As for cleaning, it's best done in small bites.

Sandra Morris said...

I have the same thing with my office desk. I blitz it when all the teetering piles of paperwork eventually topple over and form a solid layer. I then revel in the purity of a clear desk for all of one day... two tops...before it begins to build up again.
As for the porcelain soft-cleaning, I do it in one hour stints as that's the longest I can manage before my hands seize up.
Good luck with your new 100 Day Goal though... ! :)

Elizabeth S said...

What a way to begin you new BIRTHDAY YEAR! I'm not good at doing paperwork of any kind although I am better at soft cleaning if pushed into a corner. But even though you may feel like screaming now, once it is all done, you'll be so relieved that it will feel like you've been on holiday and your mind will be clutter free!

Sandra Morris said...

Elizabeth.... yes I'm holding onto that thought!
Starting the accounts today.... Dog help me :O