Monday, 4 December 2006

The Project

So here it new winter project! A shop kit! Not too big, not to0 small, but with loads of potential.
I know that when it is finished it will bear only a passing resemblance to this rather ordinary looking shop, but this is my starting point.
Or will be, three weeks from today.
Christmas Day.
When I'm allowed to actually open the large box which was delivered last Friday. For although I chose it, it is a Christmas present, and I am forbidden to even touch it. Or push it to gauge the weight. Or poke my fingers though the box. Or anything.
But first things first. I am using the time between now and then to set up one of the spare bedrooms as a workroom.
An actual hobby room *resists the urge to jump around in excitement*
As distinct from my workroom, in which every inch of storage space is crammed with dollmaking stuff - moulds, boxes and boxes of silks, brocades, fabrics in all hues, cascades of rainbow ribbons, yards and yards of trimmings, files full of patterns, bookcases of books on fashion history, costume through the ages, magazines, packaging supplies, dozens of dolls, and in which I spend most of my day, most days, making and dressing dolls.
So a hobby room is not a luxury. It is a necessity!


Anonymous said...

I will be watching with envy and interest!

Erica said...

Hello Sandra,
I've just found your blog, I tagged 'dollmaking' in Google alerts and your blog popped up, there doesn't seem to be many people blogging about dollhouses so I look forward to following your progress (and you had a 12 foot!) - I belong to a small miniatures group in Sydney Aus. - we tend towards fantasy rooms and have lots of fun with our creations

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Erica.
I thought it would be weeks before anyone found my blog...and from Australia too! Isn't it amazing?!
I'm intending that my toy shop will have a fantasy element...sooooo many ideas :-)

patricia said...

Hello I am new to dolls houses but I am really enjoying every minute. I love your shop and I am really looking forward to seeing how it takes shape

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Patricia.
I'm longing for some free time to do more work on the shop. I have a basement for the toyshop too, still in kit form which I'm itching to get started on.
Too many ideas, too little time :-)