Wednesday, 6 December 2006


One of the joys of being in the 'pre-build' stage of any project is going to bed with loads of catalogues and a notebook.

At this point, beside my bed, I have a teetering, 2 foot high pile of books and catalogues relating to fixtures and fittings which I might like in my shop. Along with a notebook of likely upcoming items on ebay/online etc.

I cannot decide on the exterior finish.......should I have brick slips, or stucco? Herringbone resin brick face or Tudor-style pargetting? Trouble need to have the kit part assembled to see what would really look best. And I can't even get into the box until Christmas Day, at which point there will be rather more pressing calls on my time, so I expect it will be the day after Boxing Day before I can secrete myself away in the 'hobby room' to peruse the contents of the
box and decide on a plan of attack.

When I originally started planning the shop, my idea was to have a one storey shop. Then looking at my toy collection, I decided that perhaps a mezzanine floor might be a good idea.
However now it has evolved even further.

My current plan is to have the whole of the ground and first floors as shop display areas. The top floor will house a toymaker's workshop, and a dollmaker's workroom.

The layout of the shop at present has a staircase leading from the ground floor to the first floor and another leading to the attic rooms. I may dispense with the latter, to give more floor space, and put a dummy door somewhere on the first floor to suggest an alternative route to the top floor. This would free up useful floor space on both the first and second floors. I'm also contemplating adding an extra dimension to the inside of the fronts of the building, if I can work out how to do it.

*memo to self: take book of graph paper to bed to draft plans for extra dimension*

All of this while we still have a one day workshop on 16th Dec and I'm still not even half way through my Christmas shopping and only just bought my Christmas cards yesterday *deep sigh*

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