Monday, 11 August 2008


And so, after a week of catching up workwise, I have at last regained a tentative state of equilibrium..........temporarily at least.

Orders are chugging along nicely, as is work to complete them. Plans are in place to continue with new projects and ideas. This month's online dollclub project is finished and ready to post out.

All in all a fairly satisfactory state of affairs.

So in a brief hiatus, work is continuing apace on my toy shop, which has been relocated downstairs in order to complete the facade. Somehow the act of removing it from its tiny room upstairs has released the log jam of creativity and all those little niggly-naggly jobs I somehow have never got round to completing are now being ticked off my to do list with alacrity.

  • Electrics on the top floor have now been completed, and the glitches have been rectified.
  • Doorknobs have been fitted, doors permanently installed and architraves glued in position
  • Interior window frames have been stained and fitted, each mitred perfectly
  • Exterior side walls have been painted and are ready for the exposed finish.
  • Roof tiles and brickwork are being weathered and distressed
I have also now finalised the contents of each of the 6 display areas over 3 floors, and chosen the toys for the window displays, although I may decide to install further shelving in the bay windows so I can display more items.

In all this flurry of activity it is sooooooo tempting to make a start on the basement too, but I must firmly resist, and stick to my pledge to complete the main shop first.

Best laid plans and all that.................

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