Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Thought for the day...............

There are many imponderables in this life..........some serious, some trivial.

The one which is greatly exercising me at present is this:

Are doll's houses EVER finished?

I have to say, I have never, ever, in almost 25 years of collecting and making miniatures, actually completely finished a doll's house *shamefaced look*. I've been close to it. But not completely.

This is probably because I have never bought a finished house. By which I mean a house which is already completed internally and externally, with all electrics ready fitted etc.

Every house I've owned has been made from a kit, partly for reasons of economy, but mostly because I always like to make changes, which are much easier to achieve in the building stages.

Putting the kit together is usually the easy bit. Once assembled the house is a blank canvas and this is where the problems start. Anyone who has ever made a house from a kit will know that there are an infinitesimal number of small bits and pieces which have to be considered.
For example, my toy shop is largely completed, but I still keep finding bits I've missed. Like the front edges of the floors. And the edges of the fronts. Small areas of skirting board have escaped my notice. Along with window sills etc. These are easily overlooked but detract from the overall impression.

Also, no matter how many of these little tasks I notice and complete, there always seem to be more awaiting my attention.

I am also aware that small dog has been viewing the empty shop with interest and may be thinking of exercising squatter's rights.

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