Tuesday, 11 November 2008

The clock is ticking........

Needless to say, with a mere 25 days till Kensington, stress and panic levels are rising exponentially and the workroom is a vertitable hive of activity.

The 'creative chaos' has now spread into the dining room, rather like a black miasma, as I am trying to lay out our display stand and plan where everything is going to go. This effectively renders the dining room out of commission for the duration, as boxes and display materials start to pile up.

In amongst all of this I still have to re-design our information brochure and update it with new pictures, as well as getting a mini-catalogue sorted out, which is long overdue.

Not to mention completing my little shop display window, of which more anon.

I have given up on with my extensive volumes of 'to do' lists, which rival 'War and Peace' for length, weight and incomprehensibility. Instead I will reconnoitre towards the end of the next week and see what I've missed *worried look*

Small dog has beat a hasty retreat from the melee and is hiding out in her basket, only occassionally wandering into the workroom if she spots a cup of tea being carried in, which she hopes may be accompanied by a biscuit or two.

As is always the case, I am sure that we WILL be prepared, packed and ready to by late evening on the day before the fair, but at this point, it is hard to see beyond the chaos to a time of peace and calm.

I only hope that all this work turns out to be worth it, and the fair is a runaway success.

Ok, back to the salt mines for me...........

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