Tuesday, 4 November 2008


It has arrived!

I've been stalking the postman for the past two mornings, aided and abetted by small dog, who is always keen to ambush the poor chap as he hastily pushes our post through the letterbox, quickly removing his fingers as letters are deftly pulled from his grasp.
Thankfully once the mail lands on the doormat small dog immediately loses interest in it so there is never any imperative to race her to the door to prevent some creative paper tearing.

However this morning, as I raced her to the door, she sensed more than a usual degree of excitement at the arrival of several letters, one of which I immediately identified as containing the latest issue of Dolls House Magazine.

Had I mentioned that it contains an article on my toyshop, with a cover shot and everything?!

After poring over the cover, I turned to the contents page to discover a photograph of small dog in all her glory gazing photogenically into the camera lens. As a result she is now completely insufferable, strutting around like a prima donna and convinced that fame and fortune are just around the corner, seeing as how she is now an international superstar.

Modesty is not one of small dog's foremost character traits.

The article itself is spread over four pages and features loads of great photos of the shop interior, as well as a beautifully written article.

I am just soooooo chuffed.

Permission has been sought, and granted, to put up a link to the article on this here blog, so you can now view the cover HERE and the entire article HERE.

Tips for viewing PDF files.......It's best to right click on each of the links and open them in a new window or tab, otherwise you'll be whisked away from the blog and might not find your way back.

Heaven forbid!

The files contain lots of photos so be patient while they open. You can enlarge the pages to read the text more easily by using the zoom control (use either the little + button or the the % box on the toolbar at the top!) Also there are two x two page spreads to view so scroll down to read the second page.

If you can't view the files or have any problems, please contact me and I'll try to sort out any glitches.

How's that for efficiency!

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meerkat53 said...

Hi Sandra. I knew you were good, but this is fame indeed. Excellent pics, and I look forward to seeing the toyshop in real life one of these days