Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Progress of sorts.........

Busy day today but at least I have something to concrete to show for my labours.

At any other time it would definitely have qualified as displacement activity, but since I'm on the home straight with the day nursery and dollmaker's workroom I can claim that everything I've done today has been completely work-related ie making various accessories for the nursery.

I even finished off the lighting and am almost at the stage where I can permanently install the false wall in position, thereby enabling me to fix the skirting boards in place.

Other than that I have to make a hearth and glue the door in place, then the actual fixtures and fittings will be finished.

I'm too bushed to comply with photographs today so they will have to wait till tomorrow, by which time (hopefully) the last few bits and pieces of the structure itself will be done and dusted.

In other news, it is hot and muggy and feels as if a storm might be brewing.

In other, other news it's only 10 more sleeps till our holiday.



Debbie said...

Sandra its been raining here all day and I don't mean the spitting kind, I mean great big dollops of the stuff. We'd actually like a bit of Sun or Dry weather...

Anonymous said...

I like small dog pictures too, especially small dog pictures when she is on holiday.

Where are you going?