Thursday, 15 July 2010

Things that go bump in the night..........

It was a dark and stormy night.

After a dramatic thunderstorm early evening, the night proceeded to produce gale force winds and torrential rain. Various garden accouterments thudded and banged across the patio and my sleep was punctuated by various graphic dreams related to the meteorological chaos outside, culminating in a particularly vivid one in which we were trying to staple the house to its foundations using a gigantic staple gun.

As I gradually surfaced through various layers of semi-consciousness I began to worry that the dream could be real, until my befuddled brain realised that the noise was due to a team of workmen digging up the pavement with pneumatic drills, right outside our house.

Not a good start to the day.

After 30 minutes of nerve-jangling drilling, they packed up, put a piece of board over the gaping hole in the pavement and departed.


It's still REALLY windy outside and the forecast is for more of the same over the next few days.

However, that should make no difference to a continuing frenetic work schedule which has had me multitasking furiously over the past week. Progress had been made on both the day nursery and dollmaker's workshop room boxes, I'm in the final stages of an important order which will shortly be winging its way to Tennessee, and a flurry of activity last weekend resulted in the completion of a kiln load of soft cleaning.


Since then I've completed a full bisque firing and three paint firings and as a result I now have a boxful of tiny dolls to string over the coming days.

So quite a lot done then.

Which makes my current malaise feel rather unreasonable. Despite making serious inroads into the most urgent things on my burgeoning 'to do' lists I STILL feel as if I'm taking one step forward, 10 steps back.


Perhaps it's something to do with the weather, which has been, respectively, too hot, too humid, too windy or too wet.

Or maybe I'm just in the doldrums....


The Dangerous Mezzo said...

Hello, Sandra!

I love your rather surreal photo of a kiln full of tiny limbs :)

It's perishingly humid and rainy here in Nova Scotia, too, which is quite unusual -- it just sucks the will to live out of one, doesn't it? I feel as if I'm in Louisiana, or some place where there's stringy moss growing and, possibly, alligators.


Michelle's Mad World said...

You are not alone! I hate the humid weather, it drains the life and energy out of me too! I like blue skies and a cool breeze! Yes, we have the gales in Hampshire too, but no storms (yet>)!

Margaret said...

What a mass of gorgeous little dolls will come of this. The weather can put you in the doldrums sometimes, it is quite cool here in Oz although we are over the coldest I think. Only two or three days of really cold and grey skies, now the days are quite sunny and lovely. Hope you get some cool breezes to cheer you.

Rominis said...

jajajaja, La foto en grande es muy subrealista.