Tuesday, 12 March 2013

4 seasons, 1 day.....

Following 12 hours of continuous snow yesterday and overnight, we woke this morning to an arctic wilderness, with drifts of snow feet deep in the garden, and the road at the front  resembling a ski slope.

Over the course of the day, the sun has come out and a thaw has set in, sending huge chunks of snow thudding off the roof, accompanied by the steady drip, drip, drip of meltwater from every horizontal surface.

Hopefully the thaw will continue as tomorrow we have to be out and about relatively early in the day, and the prospect of driving in conditions as bad as they were this morning is not appealing.

Small Dog is not a lover of snow.  

Her fur is so fine that after just a few minutes of walking around she gathers large snow balls up her legs and along the underside of her tummy.  Despite the undoubted comedy value, there is a downside, as it is impossible to pull them out and she has to be dunked in a basin of warm water to melt them.  In addition, having to do this every single time she goes out is a bit of a disincentive....for all of us. 

However, having been confined to barracks for the past 24 hours has had its advantages.  I've been coccooned in the workroom making massive inroads into my porcelain casting schedule, inbetweentimes completing preparations for the online Mini Miniature Show which opens tomorrow.

In fact, things have been going so well that I think I might even have some free time this week to pick up where I left off on La Mignonette*, which has been sadly neglected for weeks. 

*fingers crossed*


Neen said...

Poor Small Dog, the indignity of it all! (Would a hair dryer be less stressful? Oh, you like the warm baths! No, you cannot sue the snow, but if snow bits attached to me every time I went outdoors, I would want to sue too!)

Sandra Morris said...


Thanks for your concern.

We've tried several de-snowballing options and the warm water scenario is the best solution so far (she HATES the hairdryer!)

However, if it's not snow it bits of old twig and leaves which she manages to weave into her fur and sometimes have to be cut out.

She's definitely NOT low maintenance!