Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Wednesday Weekly Special.......

In preparation for my workroom makeover, I've been delving deep into cupboards and stock boxes, clearing out, rationalising and generally endeavouring to make more space.  In doing so I've discovered things I never knew I had.


The first of this treasure trove, a kit to make this nautical 1/144th scale Beach House,

is now listed on the website under Weekly Special.  I'll be changing this listing every week, on Wednesdays, until I run out things to list.

Also, on Ebay this week I've listed the following Deluxe Toy Doll's Doll.

The auction ends on Sunday and started at the frankly ridiculous price of 99p!  Bargain at twice the price.......

In other news..... well there is no other news.  I'm just finishing off packaging the last orders from the Mini Miniature Show at the weekend, as well as embarking on lengthy soft-cleaning sessions following my marathon casting last week.  If my hands were desiccated husks then, I dread to think what they're going to be like by the time I'm finished.

And no.

I can't wear latex gloves while I'm soft-cleaning.... even the superfine surgical gloves interfere with the small amount of feeling I have in my fingers and I end up breaking dozens of tiny pieces because I can't gauge how much pressure I'm applying.

Still..... looking on the bright side, my hands will soon be so rough that I won't need to use sandpaper during Phase 1 of my workroom makeover.

Every cloud and all that.....

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