Friday, 8 March 2013

Fed uppedness... I has it.

I make no apologies for not posting for a whole week.

In fact you're lucky I'm here now.

The past seven days have been a bit like the curate's egg..... good in parts.

The good part involved a short break away with friends, which was relaxing and fun in equal measure.  Away from the cloud of stress and worry currently permanently moored above our house, I was able to sleep properly for the first time in weeks.  It was lovely to just kick back and not think about stuff.

Predictably, the rubbish part is predominantly down to our house moving woes, which continue unabated.  Once again our hopes were raised momentarily by a lady coming to view last Friday who seemed to really like the house.  In fact she liked it so much that she arranged a second viewing on Monday and seemed even more keen.  However, the very next day we found out that she'd had an offer accepted on another property.


Back to square one.  Do not pass 'GO'.  Do not collect £200.......

No matter, we still had the fallback position of a viewing today, at lunchtime.  For which we spent all morning cleaning, tidying and cosyfying.  Only to receive a call from the agent to say that our viewers had cancelled. 


I'm rapidly reaching the point where I'm so fed up with the whole thing that I'm ready to throw in the towel and just try to get my life back again.  The past 6 months have been a continuous roller coaster of raised hopes and dashed expectations.  

I'm fed up with being at the beck and call of people who expect us to have the house available to view at a moment's notice, but cancel at the last minute, or even worse, don't turn up at all.

I'm fed up with people who tell us a pack of bare-faced lies (we don't need a mortgage/our own property's under offer/we're ready to proceed/we'll let you know by tomorrow/we'll inform you straight away if there's any other interest in the property you have an offer on, etc etc etc).

I'm fed up with estate agents who promise the earth (or at the very least a few potential purchasers through the door) but deliver bugger all.

I'm fed up with having my life on hold and being unable to make future plans for anything much.

I'm fed up.  Full stop.

So fed up that I'm going to start a batch of casting this afternoon.... the dollmaking task guaranteed to make the maximum amount of mess and cause the maximum amount of disruption in the workroom.  Just because I can.


THAT fed up......


Karin F. said...

oh never mind.... it's like trying to get pregnant; the harder you try the less you succeed. But the moment you throw in the towel & adopt ...or in your case start a mess, that's the time when a buyer comes who absolutely falls in love with the house.
Definitely you Brits need to overhaul your system; we can opt to be told 24 hrs in advance of a viewing. Are there so many houses on the market that you can't tell that to a real estate agent who wants an immediate viewing?
Tell em all to take a p**s! LOL

Sandra Morris said...


Outside of London, the UK housing market is in the doldrums, with properties in this area currently taking up to a year or more to sell.
As a result, yes, there are an awful lot of properties available, and with spring just around the corner, there will soon be a whole lot more.
I suppose that because we work from home the agents think we can accept viewings at short notice. I have made my opinion clear on that point and they know that we like at least 24 hours notice, not that it makes a blind bit of difference.
But people should turn up when they say they're going to.... after all, they choose the date and time to suit themselves, not us.
No shows just infuriate me......urge to kill rising.....

PastMastery said...

Aw Sandra.... I know how horrid it is. Maybe you should take the house off the market for a while..get your life back as you say then try again later? We had to do that just to stay sane.
Sx and DD xx wag wag.

Sandra Morris said...


Thanks for the fellow feeling.

Coming off the market is a tempting prospect. So far it's been half a year of hell.... stress, worry, small shafts of hope followed by pits of despair.

What's left of my sanity is hanging by a whisker.... and it's not Small Dog's!


Julie said...

Oh Sandra, your tales of woe are filling me with dread, as I am about to put my house onto the market, lets hope there are better prospects around the corner for the two of us.

Sandra Morris said...


There really seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.
Your best chance of a sale is in the first month you're on the market, when you get all the initial interest.

We did get offers in the first two weeks but the b*s#%@ds messed us about for ages then disappeared.

Since then we've had four people seriously interested but they've all offered on something else.

It's really galling when a more expensive, really horrible house in the vicinity goes under offer.

Good luck with your sale.... maybe the market up in the north east is better than down here on the south coast.

After 6 months of it though, I've just about had enough.....