Friday, 9 August 2013

Displacement activity Friday......

I've worked really hard all this week, and have some lovely new toy dolls to show for it.

At this very minute I should be listing them for sale on the website, and while I'm at it, doing some tidying up in there.  This involves going into the site's 'back end', which is the equivalent of a bricks and mortar shop's store room.   

Like the real thing it gets littered with extraneous stuff.... old listings, random photographs, out of date categories and display materials.  

Like the real thing, every now and then it needs a really good stocktake, clearout and reorganisation.

And like the real thing, I'll find no end of excuses to put it off.

This is when the internet comes into its own as a glittering palace of displacement activity.  
For example, I've already been side-tracked by the Word of the Day, which pops into my email inbox each day.  Today's word is finagle, which I've always thought was a fine old Scottish word, probably coined during the Highland clearances, given the number of times I heard it during my childhood.

Not addressed directly at me I hasten to add.

However, apparently it's an English dialect term which came into popular use in the 1920's.  Naturally I had to spend some time checking that out and have discovered that just about every language has laid claim to it, from French, Dutch and German, through to American slang.  Interesting enough but hardly a productive use of my time.

Then, following a recent discussion on FB, I felt moved to look up animal onesies.

As you do.

It's in areas like this that the internet really comes into its own, and I was immediately presented with dozens of options for looking downright ridiculous.

So if I ever feel the need to look nothing like a blue unicorn I'll know where to go.  
That whole 'crutch down at your knees' thing doesn't even look good on babies so quite why it appeals to adults (unless they have a babygro/nappy fetish) is beyond me.

Then Small Dog insisted on updating her FB page, which initiated a discussion between her and her WFT friend.

Then I decided to check out a blog suggested to me by my daughter, who shares the same random sense of humour. 

I should know better.  I really should.

So now it's almost lunchtime, and apart from tidying the workroom and photographing the new dolls destined for the website I've done absolutely NOTHING.


Damn you internet.... with your time-wasting temptations!


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