Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Moved to tears.....

So, here we are at the start of a new working week.  Yes, I'm well aware that today is Tuesday, but yesterday was a Bank Holiday and therefore doesn't count as a normal Monday.

We had a lovely weekend away in our little caravan, marred only on our return home, when our caravan mover, which had worked perfectly every time we've used it, packed up on one side.

It took us some time to work this out, as we were both standing watching the side which was working properly.  The van lurched from side to side like a drunken hippopotamus as we repeatedly tried, and failed, to get it to go where we wanted.  I'm sure that as a spectator sport it was hilarious. However,we found it anything but funny, especially as we were blocking the whole road, causing a tailback of cars down the hill.

It doesn't help that we live at the top of a steep hill.  If we were on level ground, between the two of us we could probably have turned it round so it was facing the right way.  But as it is, even if we managed to get it turned, we still wouldn't be able to push it up onto the drive, as it slopes every which way.

Especially down.  

I have a recurring nightmare in which while we're manoeuvring the caravan, it breaks away and careers down the hill, bouncing off parked cars, while we chase after it in a silent movie slapstick styley.  It rolls out across the main road and crashes through the fence, ending up in the fishing lake, where it slowly sinks to the bottom,  air bubbles on the surface spelling out "The End".  That's when I wake and sit bolt upright, gasping for air, imagining I'm somehow trapped inside.

I have a fertile imagination......

Anyway, after spending some considerable time yesterday trying to sort it out, we eventually admitted defeat and left it out on the road (after tucking it as close to the kerb as we could manage).   This morning we've been in touch with the mover manufacturer, as well as the caravan workshop who fitted it, and we've tried each and every one of their many suggestions to get it working, including resetting the control box etc, to no avail.  So we have no alternative but to take it to the workshop tomorrow morning to see if they can sort it out.

These things are sent to try us..... and they most certainly do!

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