Thursday, 27 March 2014

Infernal combustion engine......

Our car is in ICU.

It was admitted this morning to have its cam belt replaced, which meant taking the entire engine out, in an operation not unlike open heart surgery.  However during the operation it transpired that it also needed the car equivalent of a replacement hip.

The cam belt was due to cost HOW MUCH?!!! 

The cost of the additional work bypasses HOW MUCH and goes straight to WTF?

It's had to be admitted overnight so they've given us a courtesy car as a courtesy.  

Well, I say it's a car.... a roller skate with seats would be a more accurate description.  Being used to driving a rather solid towcar, it feels very, very small.

We'll hopefully be able to pick the patient up tomorrow, unless they find it's suffering from some other malady.

What could possibly go wrong......?  Upset Face

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ginnysminis said...

Dare I say............"the joys of motoring" :(