Monday, 31 March 2014

Out like a lamb......


Last day of March today and we're already a quarter of the way through the year.  With the clocks advanced an hour at the weekend it's now possible to truly believe that spring is sprung as it's light-ish till almost 8pm.

Everything is really greening up..... trees and hedgerows are in bud and the birds in the garden are busy collecting nesting materials.

In other news.......

*drum roll*

Tah Dah!!!!!

Yes, Small Dog has achieved her life's ambition...... being awarded Employee of the Month.

As you can see, she couldn't be bothered to actually get out of bed to receive it but the proud head tilt is unmistakable.

Perhaps I should get out more......

In other, other news, my new(ish) laptop has developed a problem.  It won't work at all from the battery, and this morning, even when plugged in, the battery isn't charging.  It's only 5 months old so still under warranty.  However I've just spent a frustrating few hours trapped in the endless, labyrinthine loop of misery and desolation that is Toshiba customer support.

I have no idea whether my request for help has gone to the correct department, in the correct format.  For all I know it might be languishing in an automated inbox in Azerbaijan.  I only hope that it can be sorted quick smart as the whole point of a laptop is that it can be used 'off grid'.

In other, other, other news tomorrow is APRIL during which both Small Dog and I have birthdays.  So in the maelstrom of wedding preparations we're planning a few days away in the caravan, far from the madding crowd, hopefully enjoying a short spring break.

Can't wait.....!

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Neen said...

Finally, SD gets her award! I love, love that dormouse, I think that photo is captioned somewhere, "Yay, flowers!"