Monday, 2 March 2015

Work in progress.... Day 1

Last month, (February) I successfully managed to complete all of my outstanding orders and commissions with one full day to spare, so I've been celebrating my time windfall by making a start on a new Mignonette doll box.

You may recall that back in January I listed my very first Mignonette doll box on Ebay...... I posted the details HERE.

Violet is now settled into her new home in Toronto, Canada and since then I've been planning another......

These little boxes take a l-o-n-g time to make so I thought it might be interesting to show just what goes into the creation of one.

I made the first one from layers and layers of thick card, but my latest one is made of wood, and here is the basic box.

The proportions are just perfect.  It's made with proper dovetail joints and the little brass hinges are cleverly and neatly hidden within the box construction and practically invisible.
The lid is deep enough to hold a selection of tiny costumes and accessories.

I intend to fully decorate the box, inside and out and have an idea to do something special on the inside edges, but as some of the wood will show, first I have to paint them......

After sanding the edges, they are given three coats of paint.

While the paint is drying, it's time to choose the papers to decorate the box.  It's practically impossible to find scrapbooking papers in small scale, so I decided to make my own, resizing several different digital images and tiling them to fit on an A4 page.  It took a couple of tries before I had exactly the right size and shade range, but once they were done I printed several sheets of each on special high quality coated card, which gives the crisp print and colour quality I want.

These sheets also have to dry and 'set' thoroughly for 24 hours before I can use them, so I used some of the remaining time yesterday to make the little decorative tag with will adorn the top of the box.....

So far so good.  Tomorrow I'll be decorating the box, inside and out.

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