Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Work in progress - Day 3


My Mignonette doll box is now decorated inside and out.  There will be more embellishments to add to the lid but today I wanted to get on with the interior.

I made two silk covered pads, one for the base and the other for inside the lid.  I'm experimenting with a way to make them easily removable, but also able to stay in place whether the lid is open or closed.

The jury is out on whether my method will work or not but I'm cautiously optimistic.

Now, meet Rose, the little Jumeau-style mignonette doll I've made specially for this box.

As with all of my dolls, she is completely handmade, by me.  She started out as a few thimblefuls of porcelain slip and over the course of several weeks, and 5 kiln firings finally emerged as a china-painted porcelain doll, with jointed arms and legs.  She measures a smidgen under 1  3/4" tall, which is small.

She wears a complete costume, from her silk underwear and dainty silk shoes with leather soles, to her pleated silk dress and fine hairstripe silk coat, which is decorated with buds and bows silk trim.  Her blonde wig falls in ringlet curls from beneath a jaunty toque bonnet.

Attached to her costume is a little vintage-style card, proclaiming her Parisian origins.

Now that she is completed, tomorrow I'll move onto her costumes and accessories......

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